Video: Robin van Roosmalen’s GLORY contract has expired, wants new challenge in MMA not kickboxing

Robin van Roosmalen defended his GLORY Kickboxing title against Serhiy Adamchuk at GLORY 45 Amsterdam and addressed his future with GLORY; explaining why he’s now pretty much headed to new challenges in MMA instead of kickboxing. As well as his thoughts on how Amdamchuk didn’t really bring the fight to him, despite getting rocked in the fifth round by that cartwheel kick.

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Robin van Roosmalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuck LIVE stream – How to Watch GLORY 45 Amsterdam

Robin van Roosmalen will defend his GLORY featherweight title against, Serhiy Adamchuck tonight in the headline bout of, GLORY 45 Amsterdam. 

How to watch GLORY 45 Amsterdam: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuck LIVE online

Coverage of today’s GLORY 45 Amsterdam main event and fight card can be watched online via Pay Per View (PPV) on and will commence from 2130 CEST / 2030 BST.

Free Sports will be broadcasting GLORY 45 Amsterdam 

Fight fans with access to UK digital TV channel, Free Sports, “dedicated to bringing free sport back to 22 million UK homes”; will be able to watch the main event fight card from 2030 BST on the following:

Sky: Channel 424

TalkTalk TV: Channel 95

BT: Channel 95

Freesat: Channel 252

GLORY 45 SuperFight Series will be broadcasted by UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass will be streaming live the, GLORY 45 SuperFight Series, headlined by, Jason Wilnis vs. Yousri Belgaroui from, 1900 CEST / 1800 BST. 

Click here for the GLORY 45 Amsterdam main event fight card matchups; And, find out more about the GLORY 45 SuperFight Series fight card too. 

Photo credit: Featured image by Anoop Hothi for K1ANOOP. 

GLORY 45 video: Duane Ludwig on Van Roosmalen vs. Adamchuck & building GLORY in USA

K-1 veteran and UFC coach, Duane Ludwig, was in-attendance at the GLORY 45 weigh-ins today in Amsterdam, supporting his friend, former training partner and GLORY champion, Robin van Roosmalen who, will be defending his featherweight world title against, Serhiy Adamchuck, in the headline bout.

Ludwig also aired his thoughts on how GLORY Kickboxing & Muay Thai can become more popular in the USA like MMA and the UFC; ‘spiritual development’ via martial arts; training at Hemmers Gym with Nick Hemmers & Cor Hemmers; and assessed, Robin van Roosmalen’s future in GLORY Kickboxing and MMA.

GLORY 45 video: Duane Ludwig on Robin Van Roosmalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuck & more.

Photo credit: Image via K1ANOOP on Facebook.

GLORY 45 video: Thom Harinck on Hesdy Gerges vs. Mladen Brestovac, GLORY scoring, & coaching

Legendary Dutch Kickboxing coach, Thom Harinck previews, Hesdy Gerges vs. Mladen Brestovac which, headlines the GLORY 45 SuperFight Series fight card on September 30, 2017 in Amsterdam. Harinck who, now only coaches Hesdy Gerges and no other fighters, spoke openly about the evolving nature of coaching so many world class fighters over the decades.

GLORY 45 video: Thom Harinck on Hesdy Gerges vs. Mladen Brestovac, GLORY scoring, & coaching.

As well as Robin van Roosmalen‘s development from, early childhood to becoming GLORY Kickboxing‘s first two-weight champion; and much more including, van Roosmalen defending his GLORY featherweight title against, Serhiy Adamchuck in the headline bout of, GLORY 45 Amsterdam.

Photo credit: Image via K1ANOOP on Facebook

Robin van Roosmalen: His Journey so far, Kickboxing, MMA and the Future | The K1Anoop Show

Robin van Roosmalen is a Dutch kickboxer and MMA fighter who, became the first two-weight world champion in GLORY Kickboxing; and is a former It’s Showtime 70MAX tournament champion.

On this episode of the The K1Anoop Show, Robin van Roosmalen recounts the influence of growing up in a family of fighters and his journey so far from:

  • Being a K-1 veteran in the early part of his career;
  • Fighting for GLORY Kickboxing since its inauguration in 2012;
  • How and why his fighting career turned towards MMA more recently;
  • Rico Verhoeven vs. Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva at GLORY 46 China
  • His upcoming title defence against Serhiy Adamchuck at GLORY 45 Amsterdam
  • And, much more about the current and evolving state of world kickboxing.

Robin will defend his GLORY featherweight championship against, Serhiy Adamchuck at GLORY 45 Amsterdam on September 30, 2017 and previews the much anticipated match-up with Adamchuck. As well as a look ahead at GLORY 44 Chicago where his friend and training/sparring partner, Jason Wilnis fights Yousri Belgaroui.

Listen/download the full podcast:

Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International.

Full card announced for GLORY 45 Amsterdam, updates for light-heavyweight contender tournament

GLORY Kickboxing announced updates today for GLORY 45 Amsterdam on September 30, 2017 including, the light-heavyweight Contender Tournament; with the inclusion of multiple WKN champion, Dragos Zubco (11-4) who, has been matched-up against, Michael Duut (40-8) in the first semi-final of the 4-man tournament.

Imad Hadar vs. Manny Mancha will make up the other half of the contender tournament semi-finals on a stacked card co-headined by, the rematch between Nieky Holzken and Yoann Kongolo; topped-off by, Robin van Roosmalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuk for Robin’s GLORY featherweight title.

The full fight card is below which, is preceded by the GLORY 45 SuperFight Series at the Sporthallen Zuid, Amsterdam (on the same night) which, has been updated with, Hesdy Gerges vs. Mladen Brestovac headlining.

GLORY 45 Amsterdam – Fight card:

Featherweight Title Headline Bout: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuk

Light Heavyweight Tournament Final Bout: Winner of Bout A vs. Winner of Bout B

Welterweight Co-headline Bout: Nieky Holzken vs. Yoann Kongolo

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout B: Imad Hadar vs. Manny Mancha

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout A: Michael Duut vs. Dragos Zubco

GLORY 45 Amsterdam: Robin van Roosemalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuck fight card

Robin van Roosmalen will defend his GLORY featherweight title against Serhiy Adamchuck in the headline bout of GLORY 45 Amsterdam on September 30, 2017 at the Sporthallen Zuid.

As reported after Adamchuck defeated Dylan Salvador at GLORY 41 Den Bosch, in a fight that was upgraded to a title eliminator as authorised by GLORY Managinng Sports Director, Cor Hemmers; Adamchuck will be making another direct assault on the championship having lost the title to Gabriel Varga at GLORY 32 Virgina in his second title defence.

Nieky Holzken vs. Yoann Kongolo will rematch one another in the co-main event; a much anticipated clash that Kongolo had recently wished for after he defeated Yohan Lidon at GLORY 42 Paris.

Holzken will be looking to make a statement against Kongolo with whom he beat by decision in a close and exciting fight at GLORY 29 Copenhagen; especially since he’s coming off two losses in-a-row to current welterweight champion, Cedric Doumbe.

A light-heavyweight contender tournament competes the remainder of the card with, Imad Hadar vs. Manny Mancha and Michael Duut against an opponent to be confirmed, making up the two semi-finals of the 4-man tournament.

GLORY 45 Amsterdam – Fight card:

Featherweight Title Headline Bout: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuk

Welterweight Co-headline Bout: Nieky Holzken vs. Yoann Kongolo

Light-heavyweight Tournament Final Bout: Winner of Bout A vs. Winner of Bout B

Light-heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout B: Imad Hadar vs. Manny Mancha

Light-heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout A: Michael Duut vs. TBA

GLORY 43 New York: Featherweight contender tournament preview and updated fight card

Towards the end of June 2017, Matt Embree would reportedly sustain an injury, resulting in him withdrawing from the (4-man) featherweight contender tournament at GLORY 43 New York; and being replaced by GLORY debutant, Mo Abdurahman (24-6, 14 KOs) with two weeks notice prior-to July 14, 2017.

Abdurahman had previously been matched-up against Chinese kickboxer, Chenchen Li which, would’ve been the opening bout of, GLORY 43 SuperFight SeriesAt only 21 years of age, the young Brit is a technically proficient kickboxer who, had secured his GLORY contract by, winning the ‘Road to Glory UK’ 8-man tournament and defeating Bailey Sugden in the final earlier this year.

However, Kevin Vannostrand (12-1) awaits Abdurahman at Madison Square Garden come Friday. Vannostrand will have the home-town advantage of the crowd behind him being a native New Yorker, in his fourth fight for GLORY. Although, less experienced and in his late 20s, the east coast fighter will undoubtedly be looking to execute his aggressive, pressure-fighter style immediately on the British fighter, similar to his only one loss (by decision) to Giga Chikadze (37-5).

In the other semi-final of the 4-man 65kg/featherweight tournament, Chikadze will feature against, fellow European kickboxer, Aleksei Ulianov (21-3-1) who, in his previous outing, had lost by decision against, Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao at GLORY 39 Brussels.

Chikadze is originally from Georgia which, was once part of the old Soviet Union but now lives in the USA and fights out of Kings MMA, whilst Ulianov lives in Russia. Both are widely regarded as very talented kickboxers with Chikadze being the more known in the US, especially since his brutal ‘Giga Kick’ (liver kick) KO of Victor Lee Pinto at GLORY 37 Los Angeles.

Don’t be surprised to see stoppages in both semi-finals, especially when taking into account the skill-set and fighting styles of the four contenders. Both semi-finals have all the ingredients for technical violence and the tournament winner should secure a title-shot against, defending champion, Robin van Roosmalen in due course.

GLORY 43 New York – Fight card:

Winner of semi-final A vs. Winner of semi-final B – 65kg, 4-man tournament final

Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Guto Inocente – Heavyweight, co-main event

Josh Jauncey vs. Elvis Gashi – 70kg

Mo Abdurahman vs. Kevin Vannostrand – 65kg, 4-man tournament semi-final B

Giga Chikadze vs. Aleksei Ulianov – 65kg, 4-man tournament semi-final A

Undercard: Chechen Li vs. Justin Houghton – Reserve bout for 65kg 4-man tournament.

GLORY 41: Behind the scenes | K1Anoop’s Vlog

K1Anoop spent 24 hours in the Netherlands in-between, Amsterdam and Den Bosch for GLORY 41 which, was headlined by, Rico Verhoeven vs. Ismael Lazaar. Get some real insight into what you don’t usually see on TV when there’s a GLORY Kickboxing event going down featuring, a who’s who from the world of GLORY Kickboxing, Bellator and the UFC. Also, Dutch kickboxing vlogger, Samira El Idrissi features too.

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GLORY 41: Extended Highlights Video


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GLORY 41 Den Bosch: Extended Highlights Video and Results

GLORY 41 took place in Den Bosch on May 20, 2017 in an eventful night of elite kickboxing stacked with two fight cards; a 4-man heavyweight tournament; a disqualification; multiple knockdowns and another close (or controversial some might argue) decision involving, Robin van Roosmalen who, reclaimed his GLORY featherweight title against another Thai in, Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao; and Rico Verhoeven was taken the distance by former Enfusion Live champion, Ismael Lazaar.

GLORY 41 – Extended Highlights Video:

Video credit: Footage courtesy of Glory Sports International

GLORY 41 SuperFight Series – Results:

Rico Verhoeven def. Ismael Lazaar via unanimous decision (UD)

*Robin van Roosmalen def. Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao by majority decision – New featherweight champion

Murthel Groenhart def. Alan Scheinson by split decision

Mourad Bouzidi def. Michael Duut via Rd2 disqualification

Tyjani Beztati def. Youssef Assouik via UD

Zakaria Zouggary def. Yetkin Ozkul via UD

GLORY 41 Den Bosch – Results:

Hesdy Gerges def. Tomáš Hron via UD

Chenglong Zhang def. Wilson Sanches-Mendes via UD

4-man Heavyweight Tournament:

D’Angelo Marshall def. Anderson Silva via UD – Final

Marshall def. Mohamed Abdullah by Rd2 TKO – Semi-final

Anderson Silva def. Giannis Stoforidis by Rd2 TKO – Semi-Final

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Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sport International