Charlie Peters on defeating Liam Harrison: “I felt like I always edged it.” – MTGP 17

Charlie Peters reaction on defeating Liam Harrison at Muay Thai Grand Prix 17 and taking the 67kg UK number one position from Harrison who, has dominated British Thai-boxing for more than 13 years.

Speaking shortly after beating Liam Harrison, Charlie Peters said, “I felt like I always edged it” and opened up in-depth about the fight itself, the intense rivalry over the last two years and much more including, what his Muay Thai and or MMA future has in store next for him.

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Are MMA Fighters More Scared to Lose Compared to Kickboxers and Muay Thai Fighters?

Kieran Keddle and K1ANOOP determine whether or not MMA fighters are scared of losing (especially when compared to Kickboxing and Muay Thai fighters), prior-to MTK MMA London on May 13.

Keddle is a three-time Muay Thai world champion and head of operations for MTK MMA; and explains the fear factor and potential consequences of losing, placing tremendous stress on MMA fighters which, he’s been having to deal with (and much more) leading up-to MTK MMA’s inaugural event.

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Does Rico Verhoeven beat Anthony Joshua?

So, yesterday the Daily Star published an interview with GLORY Kickboxing’s heavyweight world champion, Rico Verhoeven, in which, a potential match-up with world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua was discussed.

“Me facing Anthony Joshua would be a fascinating event – champion v champion. I’m a natural heavyweight, I have good footwork, I’m big and I hit hard so Joshua would definitely know he’d been hit. So who knows? It would be an interesting challenge.”

However, GLORY’s new CEO, Marshall Zelaznik seemed to be in more defiant mood in the same article, adding:

“Pound for pound, our heavyweights would put the likes of the world’s best boxers – yes, that includes Anthony Joshua – on the canvas inside the GLORY ring. That’s a fact. Frankly, if you matched any of the best MMA champions against GLORY champions, there is not a single one that could stand with a top GLORY athlete.”

Kickboxing fans reacted on Twitter and head of operations for MTK MMA (and Double K Gym head coach), Kieran Keddle, weighed-up a potential fight between, Rico Verhoeven and Anthony Joshua, under both kickboxing and boxing rules and more.

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