Daniel McGowan: Ambitions as a Muay Thai Fighter

Daniel McGowan: Ambitions as a Muay Thai Fighter – A mini documentary about 22 year old, two-time world Muay Thai champion, Daniel McGowan – who’s ambition it is to become the first British Thai-boxer to win one of the most prestigious Muay Thai stadium championships in Thailand.

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Daniel McGowan has been coached since the age of 11 years old by former Muay Thai champion, ParnPetch Rirom and recounts: how his journey began as a martial artist; the influence of the late, great Liam Robinson; the life lessons he learnt in his fighting career from childhood into adulthood; and why his ambition to become the first British Thai-boxer to win a Thai stadium championship means so much to him and more.


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With thanks to: Kieran KeddleParnPetch RiromScience Of 8 Promotions & Muay Thai Grand Prix.

Edited, filmed & interviewed by, Anoop Hothi – Instagram @anoophothi

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Dan McGowan: The Rising Star of World Muay Thai | The K1Anoop Show

Dan McGowan is a 21 year old British Muay Thai fighter from Luton, England with a strong reputation for a young fighter and very much respected throughout world Muay Thai.

McGowan joins The K1Anoop Show ahead of his next fight on August 26, 2017 against, Ireland’s Ryan Sheehan at the Science of 8 event in Birmingham and discusses:

  • How he switched from establishing a career as a young footballer to Muay Thai
  • Playing for Luton Town Football Club as a teenager
  • Being the first ‘Farang’ to be sponsored by Petyindee Gym
  • Fighting as young as 15 years old at historic Thai stadiums: Lumpinee and Rajamadern
  • Why the late Liam Robinson was “the best coach” and took his career to new heights
  • Life in London working and fighting out of Team Tieu and Gym Box
  • A potential future in either Kickboxing or MMA?
  • Looking ahead at living and fighting in Australia
  • The beef with Ryan Sheehan and their upcoming ICO title-fight at the Science of 8 event
  • The fall-out with Muay Thai Grand Prix over the ‘typo’ about his MTGP world title
  • His friendship with and the tragic loss of Jordan Coe earlier this year

Listen/download this podcast:

Photo credit: Natalia Rakowska/Muay Thai Grand Prix