Anissa Haddaoui on Fighting Antonina Shevchenko, Women’s MMA & Kickboxing | The K1Anoop Show

Anissa Haddaoui is the current Kunlun Fight & World Fighting League (WFL) world champion and is set to fight Antonina Shevchenko in what will be the (joint) second MMA fight for both female fighters at, Phoenix Fighting Championship 3 (Phoenix FC 3) in London on September 22, 2017.

Haddaoui is a late replacement for Shevchenko after Kerry Hughes pulled-out for undisclosed reasons (at the time). Antonina Shevchenko is the 2017 WMC & Phoenix FC world Muay Thai champion and the older sister of UFC fighter, Valentina Shevchenko.

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0:25 Anissa Haddaoui vs. Antonina Shevchenko at Phoenix FC 3, London
3:27 Managing MMA/BJJ training around kickboxing fights in recent years
7:19 Gökhan Saki’s influence from kickboxing to MMA
10:26 Why MMA and what’s in it for Haddaoui?
14:00 The mental side of fighting
17:20 Female fighters in Dutch Kickboxing & MMA
23:30 How women’s MMA & kickboxing should be better developed
27:55 The growing interest in Dutch Kickboxing & MMA in Holland
29:30 How Anissa makes fighting a viable career
34:57 Everyone’s in “fight mode” at Mike’s Gym with Melvin Manhoef, Massaro Glunder & Yousri Belgaroui fighting soon
36:21 Badr Hari’s influence in training
39:00 MMA sparring & BJJ/Grappling at Mike’s Gym

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Fight League 7 results: Mohamed Mezouari vs. Thongchai Sitsongpeenong

K1ANOOP has the the Fight League 7 results for the Mohamed Mezouari vs. Thongchai Sitsongpeenong fight card in Tangier, Morocco on August 5, 2017.

In the main event, Mohamed Mezouari stopped GLORY Kickboxing welterweight, Thongchai Sitsongpeenong in the second round of their headline bout. Whilst in the co-main event, Enfusion Live champion, Tayfun Ozcan would go the distance with Ilias Chakir but secured the decision win.

Check-out the Fight League 7 results below.

Fight League 7 – Results:

Mohamed Mezouari def. Thongchai Sitsongpeenong by Rd2 stoppage, 76kg

Tayfun Ozcan def. Ilias Chakir via decision, 72.5kg

Bayrak Ertugrul def. Aziz El Felak by Rd1 TKO, 86kg

Mohammed Lazrak def. Romano Diego by Rd2 stoppage, 75kg

Higham Achalhi def. Soutane Khabchache “by submission”, +100kg

Karim El Addari def. Mica Tahiti by decision, 72.5kg

Bilal Lousily def. Soutane Taaouati by decision, 72.5kg

Bektas Emirhanoglu def. Nadir Aazibou by KO, 90kg

Ayoub Moukaddem def. Micha Eradus by decision, 75kg

Enfusion Live 52 Nador: Aziz Kallah vs. Diogo Neves fight card

Aziz Kallah vs. Diogo Neves features as the main event of Enfusion Live 52 in Nador, Morocco. The Dutch-Morrocan accountant will clash with the Portuguese kickboxer on Moroccan soil at the, Salle Couverte Omnisports De Nador on July 29, 2017.

Born in the Netherlands and having studied as an accountant, Kallah prefers a smart approach to  kickboxing in the ring. However, “The Machine” won’t be an easy night’s task for Kallah; Neves is a former world and European WAKO champion who, went the distance with GLORY champion, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenongat Kunlun Fight 50 last year.

The main event which, includes Chellina Chorine vs. Nora Cornell for, the women’s 61kg Enfusion world title, is preceded by Kickboxing Talents 35 on a night stacked with “Moroccan magic” as the promotion strengthens their reach into North African terrain.


Enfusion Live 52 Nador: Chellina Chorine vs. Nora Cornolle | Image via Enfusion Live

Enfusion Live 52 – Fight card:

Aziz Kallah vs. Diogo Neves – 74kg

Brahim Kallah vs. Endy Semeleer – 72.5kg

Chellina Chorine vs. Nora Cornolle – 5 rounds x2 mins, 61Kg Enfusion World Title

Hamid Baarab vs. Levi Rigters – Heavyweight

Serrano Voorn vs. Abdelatif Aknouch – 75kg

Yassin Ambrai vs. Diego Ramos – 67kg

Gordon Kaylakhan vs. Juan Fernandez – 63kg

Anissa Haddaoui set to fight Kamila Balanda after Kunlun Fight triumph, ‘still waiting’ on GLORY Kickboxing

Anissa Haddaoui has had a turbulent year so far fighting for Kunlun Fight. However, her fortunes dramatically changed last week when she ended-up replacing,  Laetitia Madjene in Kunlun’s Mulan Legend Final; winning the 8-woman tournament at Kunlun Fight 64.

In May, she lost her quarter-final bout in the Mulan Legend tournament by decision to French kickboxer, Laetitia Madjene. At the time, Haddaoui felt she had done enough to win a ‘close’ fight but the Kunlun judges had seen it differently.

However, under even more controversial circumstances at Kunlun, Madjene would allegedly pull-out (or be replaced) from the Mulan Legend final against (eventual runner-up), Wang Kehan, due to injury and was replaced by Anissa Haddaoui.


Haddaoui lands a right cross on Kehan | Photo credit: Kunlun Fight

Haddaoui is now set to fight Kamila Balanda in Poland on August 26, 2017 at Ladies Fight Night as she continues to build momentum and targets a future with GLORY Kickboxing. However, the task at hand is an interesting challenge for the Mike’s Gym fighter.

Balanda has impressive victories over the likes of multiple world champions: Daria Albers and Katrin Dirheimer but has a way of playing mental war games with opponents; giving her a reputation (amongst her many adversaries) as being the, ‘foul-mouthed bad girl’ of Polish kickboxing.

Despite her notoriety for unsettling her rivals, Balanda is a considered to be “one of the most successful” female kickboxers to come out of Poland. On the European circuit, she’s accumulated numerous kickboxing titles for organisations such as WAKO and K-1, reportedly.

Reflecting on her Mulan Legend success, Haddaoui recapped her victory over Kehan who, was coached and cornered by K-1 legend, Artur Kyshenko:

“After the third round they gave in the final a draw. In Kunlun they give two extra rounds. She was very tired and after the fourth round I won. It was a close fight.”

Haddaoui’s team mates at Mike’s Gym such as Murthel Groenhart and Christian Baya are coming off recent victories at GLORY 42 Paris and Massaro Glunder is set to feature in his second GLORY event at, GLORY 45 SuperFight Series against, Zakaria Zouggery. However, it would seem that Anissa Haddaoui could potentially join her kickboxing companions and fight for GLORY in the near future too.

“They maybe interested but nothing concrete yet. They are interested in me as a female fighter but I’m still waiting and yeah, I want to fight for GLORY. Who knows, maybe I’m going to enter the super-bantamweight for GLORY.”


Outside low-kick from Kehan countered by Haddaoui | Photo credit: Kunlun Fight

Tiffany van Soest was crowned GLORY’s inaugural women’s super-bantamweight champion after defeating, Amel Dehby via unanimous decision at, GLORY Collision last year. Haddaoui would certainly make an interesting contender to van Soest’s title but first she has to deal with Balanda who, awaits her in Poland.

 Anissa Haddaoui vs. Wang Kehan full fight video of Kunlun Fight 64: Mulan Legend Final 2017

At Kunlun Fight 64 on July 15, 2017 Anissa Haddaoui won the Mulan Legend Final against Wang Kehan by decision, after an extra (fourth) round in Chongqing, China.

Haddaoui was a late replacement for Laetitia Madjene who, had allegedly pulled-out of the final, having previously defeated Anissa at Kunlun Fight 61 on May 14. The Mulan Legend tournament had initially consisted of eight female fighters, with each stage of the tournament taking place at various Kunlun events over the last year.

BEN VICKERS | The struggle is real in UK kickboxing


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Ben Vickers is a 23 year old UK kickboxing prodigy who stumbled upon a career in kickboxing instead of taking up boxing initially. The young kickboxer has notable KO victories over the likes of seasoned veteran, Chris Cooper and UK powerhouse, Louis King and is a sparring partner for UFC light-heavyweight, Jimi Manuwa and British heavyweight boxer, Dillian Whyte.

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MOHAMED MEZOUARI | Kunlun Fight 56: Kunlun World Max – Preview

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Mohamed Mezouari (also known as “Hamicha Moojte”) is a Dutch based kickboxer of Moroccan descent who, will be fighting against Dzianis Zuev, in a reserve bout for the 70kg Kunlun World Max at Kunlun Fight 56 on, January 1, 2017. K1Anoop previews the Kunlun World Max featuring: Davit Kiria vs. Jomthong Chuwattana and Superbon Banchamek vs. Cedric Manhoef; headlined by, Muay Thai and K-1 legend, Buakaw Banchamek vs. Tian Xin. As well as interviewing Mezouari before the young kickboxing sensation flew out to Sanya, China.

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‘Marc de Bonte was a credit to how his parents raised him’

World kickboxing mourns the tragic loss of former GLORY welterweight champion, Marc de Bonte whose death was confirmed earlier this week, following reports of his body being discovered after he’d been reported as missing three weeks prior. Sadly, not long before Marc was reported as missing, part one of what would be his last ever interview was published via MMA Plus.

Enfusion Live had recently signed Marc de Bonte on a multiple fight contract and he was set to make his Enfusion debut against, the current 85kg Enfusion champion, Ibrahim El Boustati in February, 2017.

Marc de Bonte had recently returned to kickboxing after a two year hiatus from the sport; he’d been pursuing a career in pro boxing in Germany. However, after parting ways with his then management (due to circumstances beyond his control), Marc had made a winning return to kickboxing in September, with an impressive KO of Artur Gorlov at, Kunlun Fight 51 in China.

Unfortunately, Marc is no longer with us and my deepest condolenences go out to: his parents, Marc’s partner, all of his family and friends and everyone else who knew Marc too. He was a wonderful guy full of positive vibes who, still had loads more to achieve as a world class combat athlete, and in life but is sadly no longer with us.

Rest in peace Marc de Bonte.

You will always be remembered as a kickboxing legend, however, you were a champion of a man in more ways than one.


K1ANOOP #4 – Tayfun Ozcan

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Tayfun Ozcan is the Enfusion Live Max 70kg 2015 winner and Enfusion Live world lightweight champion. Before defeating GLORY kickboxer, Davit Kiria in China at Kunlun Fight 41, Tayfun Ozcan shared his amazing experiences (at only 24 years of age) including: moving from football (soccer) to professional kickboxing, how negative the Dutch media are towards kickboxing, possible pro boxing plans, training at Siam Gym and his optimism for the future (despite having turned down a GLORY contract) to remain kickboxing with Enfusion Live and Kunlun in China.

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