Mike Passenier: “K-1 F****d It Up! GLORY Are Still In The Game Luckily” & Semmy Schilt’s Legacy

Mike Passenier gives his brutally honest opinion on: how “K-1 f*****d it up”, resulting in almost the end of Kickboxing as a professional sport; How GLORY Kickboxing “are still in the game luckily”, despite the mistakes made the promotion; Semmy Schilt’s legacy; And, how Kickboxing, just like any other sports, really “needs heroes” to help grow the sport stronger.

As well as highlighting Semmy Schilt’s legacy in martial arts and combat sports and why Schilt was undoubtedly one of the greatest martial artists and K-1 Kickboxing world champions of all time and much more. The full interview (link below) was recorded when Mike Passenier first met Anoop Hothi in the early days of the K1ANOOP YouTube channel; leading to rumours growing much stronger about Badr Hari’s comeback against Rico Verhoeven at GLORY: Collision.

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K1ANOOP reacts to Reece McAllister retiring from Kickboxing and Muay Thai (again)

K1ANOOP reacts to K-1 veteran and former Top King world champion, Reece McAllister retiring from Kickboxing and Muay Thai again; having “made a change over to Professional Boxing”.

The British Thai-boxing sensation who, had fought for other global promotions including: Yokkao and GLORY Kickboxing, had recently returned from his previous retirement (after a year) in December 2017 but will he make a successful transition to the “sweet science”?

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Badr Hari “can’t keep up” anymore? Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac “shit” rematch?

After a successful return at GLORY 51, did Badr Hari look like he “can’t keep up anymore” especially with Rico Verhoeven? As for the champion’s next fight, is the Rico Verhoeven vs Mladen Brestovac rematch “shit” as the main event for GLORY 54 Birmingham?

K-1 veteran and Kickboxing Grand Prix (KGP) European champion, Luke Whelan and K1ANOOP discuss this and much more:

Luke Whelan and K1ANOOP – Shownotes:

  • GLORY 54 Birmingham, Enfusion Newcastle, WFL England
  • Chrisiti Bereton vs Nicola Kaye and the GLORY 54 prelim UK card
  • Luke Whelan on Sam Omomogbe and Brad Stanton pulling-out against him at GLORY 54
  • Taking K-1 World Grand Prix and big fights with one week’s notice
  • Why Michael Wakeling is the best, pound-for-pound, British Kickboxing & Muay Thai fighter
  • Luke Whelan vs Vinny Church at MTGP 16?
  •  Vinny Church vs Ben Woolliss, GLORY 54
  • Luke Whelan’s analysis of Vinny Church
  • Jamie Whelan and GLORY’s 6-man UK shortlist
  • Why GLORY need to add more of the lower weight-classes
  • Why Rico Verhoeven never left GLORY for the UFC
  • Mike’s Gym are the most impressive set of fighters in European Kickboxing?
  • Fernando Groenhart and his controversial hard sparring viral videos
  • Rico Verhoeven vs Mladen Brestovac rematch “is a load of shit”, GLORY 54 
  • Why Badr Hari “can’t keep up” with heavyweight rivals nowadays

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Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac rematch, GLORY Kickboxing return to the UK | Damien Trainor and K1ANOOP

Two-time world champion, Damien Trainor and K1ANOOP look ahead to, GLORY Kickboxing’s return to the UK and the Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac rematch headlining, GLORY 54 Birmingham. As well as assessing the wider scale of Kickboxing and Muay Thai currently unfolding:

Damien Trainor and K1ANOOP – Shownotes:

[0:00] Why there’s been no new stars in Kickboxing and Muay Thai
[1:04] GLORY 54 Birmingham: GLORY Kickboxing return to the UK
[1:40] Damien Trainor officially retires from fighting
[2:15] Lessons learnt since the K-1 days by GLORY Kickboxing?
[2:50] Does Rico Verhoeven beat Anthony Joshua?
[4:40] Why Muay Thai and Kickboxing are two different sports
[5:25] Damien Trainor on CSA Gym’s success at Kickboxing from Muay Thai
[6:24] How Kevin Ross adapted so well to Bellator Kickboxing
[8:02] Final verdict on Rico Verhoeven vs. Anthony Joshua
[9:18] Everything wrong with Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac, GLORY 54 Birmingham

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ONE Championship Kickboxing sign Giorgio Petrosyan, Fabio Pinca, Regian Eersel; promotional debut in Mainlla, April 2018

ONE Championship have set-up their own Kickboxing organisation and have announced singing multiple world champions:  Giorgio Petrosyan, Fabio Pinca & Regian Eersel; and are set to feature in some capacity on, the ONE Championship Kickboxing promotional debut in Manilla on April 20, 2018 at the ONE: Heroes of Honour event.

The news was broken overnight by ABS-CBN News including, the signings of both Yodsanklai Fairtex and Sam-A Gaiyanghadao for ONE Championship Kickboxing too.

One Championship Kickboxing’s promotional debut set for April 20, 2018

Giorgio Petrosyan will make his promotional debut on the ONE: Hero of Honour card in Manilla against another Lion Fight world champion (in-addition to Eersel’s ONE debut) in, Jo Nattuwat who, was born in Thailand, but living in the USA whilst fighting for Lion Fight.

However, with ONE Championship Kickboxing signing the likes of, “The Doctor” along with Fabio Pinca & “The Immortal” Regian Eersel, more fuel will undoubtedly be poured on the fires of speculation over the uncertain futures of all three men in the world of Kickboxing and Muay Thai.


Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International

It is understood that the contracts for the above three are not exclusively binding to ONE Championship Kickboxing and allow for either of them to pursue MMA  careers via ONE Championship. Both Pinca & Eersel have made it no secret that they have been training for quite some time in the grappling arts and are open to fighting MMA in the near future.

How John Wayne Parr influenced the changing future of Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Interestingly, ONE Championship’s owner, Chatri Sityodtong, added a unique selling point to the promotion’s kickboxing future:

“ONE Championship is dedicated to giving fans an authentic martial arts experience. We are proud to announce that the absolute best strikers in the world have chosen to continue their professional careers under the ONE banner. Fans will be treated to the most exciting kickboxing matches where the best face the best inside of both our ring and our cage.”

“Some matches will be under standard international kickboxing rules in our ring, and other matches will be under modified hybrid striking rules in our cage. This is a game changer in the world of martial arts, and I am excited to kick things off this April.”


Photo credit: Image via Muay Thai Grand Prix

Since 2012, Muay Thai legend, John Wayne Parr, who currently fights for Bellator Kickboxing, has been promoting Muay Thai fights in a cage under his own promotion, Caged Muay Thai (CMT) in Australia which, has grown in popularity. CMT has regularly featured international fighters, despite some Thaiboxing purists accusing the living legend of, “bastardising” the sport. However, five and a half years on, “The Gunslinger” has become quite the influencing pioneer for the striking arts being showcased in a cage and not in a traditional boxing ring.

One Championship have certainly ‘broken a few eggs to make an omolette’

However, despite the exciting news about the launch of ONE Championship Kickboxing, the promotion’s MMA ventures haven’t always been smooth sailing since their inauguration in 2011, especially when dealing with fighters from the western world.

For example, the promotion’s well publicised fall-outs with both James McSweeney and heavyweight rival, Chi Lewis-Parry who, were both previously signed to, ONE Fighting Championship and were being lined-up to fight each other; only for both fighters to be controversially released by the promotion after both men dramatically fell out with ONE Championship (at different points in time) over a variety of allegations including, mistreatment.


Photo credit: Image via ONE Championship

Nevertheless, the marquee signing of two-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion, Giorgio Petrosyan, is undoubtedly the biggest name in western combat sports to join ONE Championship following on from, former UFC heavyweight, Brandon Vera, in July 2014.

Since then the promotion have obviously hit some turbulent times (like many others including, GLORY Kickboxing) but now seem to have restrategised themselves from a much wider business marketing perspective, embarking on a more positive direction and signalling their serious intentions for future growth, in both MMA and world kickboxing.

K1ANOOP will report again on further developments as more fighters from both Europe and the UK are expected to confirm signing for ONE Championship Kickboxing.

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Gökhan Saki: “I will make them all fight on my terms”, defiant mood for UFC 219

Gökhan Saki was in defiant mood when speaking to, MMA Fighting’s Peter Carroll about his upcoming MMA bout against, Khalil Rountree at UFC 219 on December 30, 2017. The year end event will take place at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas and Saki is currently waiting for his US visa to be approved so that he can continue his training in Miami.

“The Rebel” is coming off a highlight reel KO of, Henrique da Silva in an exhilarating UFC debut that ended in success for Saki with only five seconds remaining of the first round. Another MMA striking war could be on the cards in what will be Saki’s third MMA fight in his illustrious career which, is full of epic kickboxing KOs; and capped-off by winning the GLORY light-heavyweight title in 2014 and the 2008 K-1 World Grand Prix in Hawaii.

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Speed kills. Super Saiyan Saki.

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Saki mocks MMA’s stereotypical mindset of dealing with elite strikers

“Khalil is a hard worker, I think. He’s a nice fighter, but with me, I’m sure he’s going to try and wrestle. I think a lot of wrestling coaches are going to thank me because they can make big money now. Everybody will want private wrestling lessons now because they don’t want to fight me standing up.”

“His standup is nice. If you don’t know anything about striking his fighting style looks sick, but I’ve fought everybody. In my eyes, he tries to strike – I am a striker.”

Verbal sparring and Saki’s MMA grappling on point

If Saki’s highlight reel KOs weren’t enough, his verbal pre-fight sparring certainly packs a punch, with the the K-1 legend making it very clear that he is heads and shoulders above Rountree in the striking department.

“It’s like I’m Ronaldo and he just plays football in the park with his friends.”

“My wrestling is getting sick. I’m really happy with my progress because I feel I understand the game. My jiu-jitsu is coming on very well too. My striking technique is even improving and I’ve been going in with some big guys,” he said.

“I will make him fight the way I want him to fight. This is my next step. I will make them all fight on my terms.”

“What you saw in Japan, my kickboxing was maybe 35 percent. I didn’t train much kickboxing ahead of the fight because I had to learn so many different things in such a short time. There was too much to do.”

“I’m going to show a different level. People don’t want to see everything in one day. I’m going to show them step-by-step who Saki is.”

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Alistair Overeem vs. Rico Verhoeven allegedly in talks for two-fight deal

Alistair Overeem vs. Rico Verhoeven is allegedly in talks for a two-fight deal which, could include both GLORY Kickboxing and the UFC rule-sets applied for each of the two proposed fights, according to sources close to the situation.

Although Overeem has in the past shotdown any questions raised to him about a potential return to kickboxing via GLORY, the escalating war of words between himself and Verhoeven are not without intent. Rico recently lambasted Overeem when asked about future challenges at GLORY 45 Amsterdam and took full aim at the UFC heavyweight.

“The Reem” is no stranger to world of kickboxing having won the most prestigious accomplishment in the sport by winning the K-1 World Grand Prix in 2010. At the time he was competing in kickboxing, ‘Reem’ took the sport by storm causing huge upsets including, his KO victory over Badr Hari in Dynamite 2008 after being called-out by the “Golden Boy”.

The rivalry between Overeem and Hari was of epic proportions for its time and that too was supposed to be one fight in K-1 and the other in MMA. However, the rematch would be under the K-1 banner too with Overeem alleging Badr didn’t want to fight him in MMA afterwards. The rematch was won by Hari, restoring the pride of kickboxing after the toppling of an MMA fighter who, had been making a mockery of world class kickboxers at the time who, were shockingly losing to him.

Verhoeven was strongly rumoured in recent years, to have been on the verge of joining the UFC, only for the WME-IMG takeover to allegdly halt a possible move from GLORY to the UFC. The GLORY champion has a 1-0 MMA record and has a successful past in in Dutch/European BJJ tournaments; and is not to be underestimated as simply a technical kickboxer.

Another GLORY champion who today expressed his interest in fighting MMA for the UFC is GLORY welterweight champion, Murthel Groenhart who, alleged (in the video below) that UFC President, Dana White was in contact with GLORY about the potential of making a joint venture of some sort happen between the two promotions; fueling the growing speculation around Overeem vs. Verhoeven in both GLORY and the UFC.

K1ANOOP will report again as the overall situation develops further.

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Photo credit: Featured images courtesy of Glory Sports International; photo(s) by James Law.

GLORY 45 video: Thom Harinck on Hesdy Gerges vs. Mladen Brestovac, GLORY scoring, & coaching

Legendary Dutch Kickboxing coach, Thom Harinck previews, Hesdy Gerges vs. Mladen Brestovac which, headlines the GLORY 45 SuperFight Series fight card on September 30, 2017 in Amsterdam. Harinck who, now only coaches Hesdy Gerges and no other fighters, spoke openly about the evolving nature of coaching so many world class fighters over the decades.

GLORY 45 video: Thom Harinck on Hesdy Gerges vs. Mladen Brestovac, GLORY scoring, & coaching.

As well as Robin van Roosmalen‘s development from, early childhood to becoming GLORY Kickboxing‘s first two-weight champion; and much more including, van Roosmalen defending his GLORY featherweight title against, Serhiy Adamchuck in the headline bout of, GLORY 45 Amsterdam.

Photo credit: Image via K1ANOOP on Facebook

The Resurgence of Dutch Kickboxing: GLORY vs. Enfusion? | The K1Anoop Show

On this episode of The K1Anoop Show, we analyse the rapid resurgence of Dutch Kickboxing, both domestically and globally with, Dutch sports journalist and radio presenter, Kris Dekker. As well as some of the biggest scandals & controversies in kickboxing including, Enfusion‘s contempt for Mohammed Jaraya‘s 2 year ban from kickboxing and much more:

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4:56 How Kris Dekker became a MMA & Kickboxing journalist
11:02 From K-1 to GLORY Kickboxing and mainstream attention for kickboxing via Ziggo Sport
18:12 Remy Bonjasky & are kickboxers relevant in the Netherlands?
24:37 How kickboxing was unofficially banned for 5 years in Amsterdam before GLORY 26
31:22 The lack of professionalism in kickboxing
35:07 Murthel Groenhart, the K-1 non-payment scandals & ring invasion at GLORY 42 Paris
39:53 “Nobody knows” Enfusion even when Mohammed Jaraya attacked the FOG official
45:21 Why marketing is an epic fail for kickboxing promotions
51:01 The problem(s) with Enfusion formerly Enfusion Live
58:56 Jarayagate – Why Mohammed Jaraya was suspended from kickboxing for 2 years and the full extent of the controversy (attacking a judge at, Enfusion Live 49: Mohammed Jaraya vs. Redouan Laarkoubi​), FOG investigation & Enfusion’s contempt for the suspension

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Photo credit: Photo by, Joe Erikens for, RingFight Promotions/Enfusion Live.

Martijn de Jong on Golden Glory, Dutch Kickboxing & MMA, GLORY Kickboxing & Gökhan Saki’s UFC debut | The K1Anoop Show

Martijn de Jong is a former Dutch MMA fighter who, would become one of the pioneers of Dutch kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Over the decades, Martijn was heavily involved with the legendary Golden Glory Gym; and, was one of the original co-founders of, GLORY Kickboxing.

Now head coach of Tatsujin MMA with gyms in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Malaysia, de Jong is now managing and coaching various international fighters in major promotions such as: ONE Championship and the UFC.

Former GLORY Kickboxing light-heavyweight champion, Gökhan Saki, is currently managed by, Martijn de Jong who, orchestrated Saki signing for the UFC earlier this year; and is set to make his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night Japan on September 23, 2017.

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Saki is one of many legendary fighters including the likes of: Alistair Overeem, Valentijn Overeem and former women’s Strikeforce champion, Marloes Coenen that have all been coached, and or, managed by, Martijn de Jong during their careers, or, whilst fighting out of Golden Glory in the Netherlands.

On this episode of The K1Anoop Show with Martijn de Jong, we cover some of the historic moments in the sport of MMA and kickboxing involving, the above named fighters. As well as the past, present and future of GLORY Kickboxing, Gokhan Saki’s forthcoming UFC debut and de Jong’s vast knowledge and experiences in the world of combat sports and martial arts.

Listen/download this podcast:

Photo credit: Featured image via Martijn de Jong on Facebook.