The Resurgence of Dutch Kickboxing: GLORY vs. Enfusion? | The K1Anoop Show

On this episode of The K1Anoop Show, we analyse the rapid resurgence of Dutch Kickboxing, both domestically and globally with, Dutch sports journalist and radio presenter, Kris Dekker. As well as some of the biggest scandals & controversies in kickboxing including, Enfusion‘s contempt for Mohammed Jaraya‘s 2 year ban from kickboxing and much more:

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4:56 How Kris Dekker became a MMA & Kickboxing journalist
11:02 From K-1 to GLORY Kickboxing and mainstream attention for kickboxing via Ziggo Sport
18:12 Remy Bonjasky & are kickboxers relevant in the Netherlands?
24:37 How kickboxing was unofficially banned for 5 years in Amsterdam before GLORY 26
31:22 The lack of professionalism in kickboxing
35:07 Murthel Groenhart, the K-1 non-payment scandals & ring invasion at GLORY 42 Paris
39:53 “Nobody knows” Enfusion even when Mohammed Jaraya attacked the FOG official
45:21 Why marketing is an epic fail for kickboxing promotions
51:01 The problem(s) with Enfusion formerly Enfusion Live
58:56 Jarayagate – Why Mohammed Jaraya was suspended from kickboxing for 2 years and the full extent of the controversy (attacking a judge at, Enfusion Live 49: Mohammed Jaraya vs. Redouan Laarkoubi​), FOG investigation & Enfusion’s contempt for the suspension

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Photo credit: Photo by, Joe Erikens for, RingFight Promotions/Enfusion Live.

Andrew Tate Mocks Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & Transgenders | The K1Anoop Show

Andrew Tate is a multiple world kickboxing champion who, has recently been (and still is) making controversial comments on social media about: depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mocking transgenders.

Tate is no stranger to controversy especially for tweeting his strong opinions on Twitter; and on this occasion, not only was he reported by national news outlets (again); he also received mass condemnation (and surprising support) for offending countless people about sexual/gender identity and mental health issues which, we cover on this episode of, The K1Anoop Show.

Not long before the former Enfusion Live champion was embroiled in another national scandal, Tate had announced on Facebook (but the post is no longer available) that he would be making a return to kickboxing in December 2017; and that further details would follow once negotiations had progressed.

“Cobra Tate” had also confirmed via social media that he had recently returned to training and sparring in-preparation for another comeback. Tate last fought and lost his Enfusion world title by TKO against, Ibrahim El Boustati at Enfusion Live 44. It will be interesting to see if and when a return date to the ring is confirmed in the near future and if it could possibly be a rematch with El Boustati for the 90kg Enfusion championship.

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Fight League 7 results: Mohamed Mezouari vs. Thongchai Sitsongpeenong

K1ANOOP has the the Fight League 7 results for the Mohamed Mezouari vs. Thongchai Sitsongpeenong fight card in Tangier, Morocco on August 5, 2017.

In the main event, Mohamed Mezouari stopped GLORY Kickboxing welterweight, Thongchai Sitsongpeenong in the second round of their headline bout. Whilst in the co-main event, Enfusion Live champion, Tayfun Ozcan would go the distance with Ilias Chakir but secured the decision win.

Check-out the Fight League 7 results below.

Fight League 7 – Results:

Mohamed Mezouari def. Thongchai Sitsongpeenong by Rd2 stoppage, 76kg

Tayfun Ozcan def. Ilias Chakir via decision, 72.5kg

Bayrak Ertugrul def. Aziz El Felak by Rd1 TKO, 86kg

Mohammed Lazrak def. Romano Diego by Rd2 stoppage, 75kg

Higham Achalhi def. Soutane Khabchache “by submission”, +100kg

Karim El Addari def. Mica Tahiti by decision, 72.5kg

Bilal Lousily def. Soutane Taaouati by decision, 72.5kg

Bektas Emirhanoglu def. Nadir Aazibou by KO, 90kg

Ayoub Moukaddem def. Micha Eradus by decision, 75kg

Fight Night St Tropez 2017 results and videos: Tony drops Sapp, Lidon KOs Kroger

Fight Night St Tropez 2017 delivered another interesting blend of Hollywood meets kickboxing on French soil last night. However, on the subject of Hollywood and acting, there’s no bigger or more controversial name than Bobb Sapp. Especially for all the drama he delivered in both the short-lived fight and build-up with, fellow K-1 veteran Greg Tony.

Nevertheless, Sapp would be dealt with rather swiftly by Tony in the first round as it didn’t take long for the American’s willpower to vanish after being knocked-down by a left head kick and right hand combo. After resuming from the knock-down, Sapp was then dropped to the canvas again from a body shot and made no attempt to continue or even try to beat the count.

Unfortunately, Sapp’s performance made a mockery of the entire event resulting in even the spectators hurling paper-looking missiles into the ring at the end, at they utter disgust and contempt for what they had paid to witness.

However, restoring some pride for French kickboxing on the night was Yohan Lidon who, successfully defended his WKN title against, Florian Kroger, with an emphatic fourth round head kick KO. Lidon was returning to action after losing to Yoann Kongolo at GLORY 42 Paris and what happens next with Lidon (in or out of GLORY) will be interesting to see.

Surprisingly, two other GLORY Kickboxing veterans: Danyo Ilunga and former It’s Showtime champion, Filip Verlinden; would both lose their fights at Fight Night St Tropez. Both GLORY veterans dropped decisions to Stephane Susperregui and Mikhail Chalky respectively which, were shocking outcomes to say the least but impressive victories to have for the winners.

However, another familiar name from both GLORY and Enfusion Live who, didn’t fail to get the job done was British kickboxer, Daniel Sam, winning his rematch against, Tomas Mozny; and putting to bed, past demons from their first encounter at last year’s Fight Night St Tropez which, Mozny had won by decision.

Fight Night St Tropez 2017 – Results:

WKN Super-middleweight title defence: Yohan Lidon def. Florian Kroger via fourth-round KO
Super-heavyweight bout: Gregory Tony def. Bob Sapp by Rd1 TKO
Heavyweight bout: Stephane Susperregui def. Danyo Ilunga via unanimous decision
Featherweight bout: Mallory Kalachnikoff def. Marina Spasic via unanimous decision
Heavyweight bout: Mikhail Chalykh def. Filip Verliden via unanimous decision
Super heavyweight bout: Daniel Sam def. Tomas Mozny via unanimous decision
Welterweight bout: Umar Semata def. Evgeny Kuravskoi via unanimous decision

Yousri Belgaroui on Learning How to Fight, His Love for Kickboxing and Simon Marcus

Yousri Belgaroui is a Dutch middleweight kickboxer of Tunisia descent who, is currently fighting for GLORY Kickboxing, having blossomed over the last couple of years fighting for, Enfusion Live and Superkombat.

Belgaroui trains out of Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam and (on what was the first episode of The K1Anoop Show on, the K1ANOOP YouTube channel), talked about his early days of kickboxing; how his journey as a martial artist began (at the age of 16) when he first started training under, Mike Passenier at, the old Mike’s Gym which, was tragically got burnt down in years gone by; and his aspirations to become one of the very best fighters of his generation.

That title-fight with Simon Marcus that was supposed to have happened

At the time of writing, Belgaroui is set to fight former GLORY middleweight champion, Jason Wilnis in the main event of, GLORY 45 SuperFight Series on September 30, 2017. However, Belgaroui recently won the most recent 4-man Contender Tournament, beating Alex Pereira in the final at GLORY 40 Copenhagen which, was supposed to secure him with an immediate title-fight with current champion, Simon Marcus.

However, for reasons unknown Simon Marcus vs. Yousri Belgaroui has not been scheduled and the young kickboxer will instead take on Wilnis in a fight that isn’t even for an interim-title which, has raised questions about the integrity of not only these contender 4-man tournaments but also Marcus’s reign as champion. Belgaroui had even lambasted Marcus for not being willing to fight him and alleged that they had been matched-up to fight at GLORY 43 New York; only for the champion to allegedly refuse the fight.

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Why wouldn’t Marcus be willing to fight Belgaroui at GLORY 43 New York?

There is a rumour that Simon Marcus could be holding-off from returning to action because GLORY are planning on hosting an event in his home nation of, Canada later this year; and this could possibly happen in Toronto come November 2017.

However, nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet by GLORY but over the last year, the subject has grown momentum in becoming more of an open taking topic even by Glory Sports International CEO, Jon Franklin.

Former GLORY featherweight champion, Gabriel Varga, had initially spoken publicly about GLORY’s intentions to host future events in Canada. Time will tell soon enough if this will happen in the coming months including, a potential title-fight between Marcus and Belgaroui but first, “The Baby Face Ninja” must deal with Jason Wilnis in September.

GLORY have listed October 14, 2017 on their website as a forthcoming event for GLORY 46 but the venue and fight cards are yet to be announced.

Enfusion CEO Edwin Van Os confirms Enfusion Live 52 Nador and Kickboxing Talents 35 cancelled

Enfusion CEO Edwin Van Os has just confirmed to K1ANOOP that both Enfusion Live 52 and Kickboxing Talents 35 in Nador, Morocco that were schedule to take place tomorrow i.e. July 29, 2017 have been cancelled.

Following on from our previous reporting of the situation out there in Morocco, Edwin Van Os responded:

“I cant say anything until I know exactly what went wrong between the local promotor and the Moroccan council. For sure is that there will be no event tomorrow. “

This shocking news has undoubtedly dealt a huge and unfortunate blow to the various fighters that had been focused on fighting tomorrow, especially for the domestic talent that would have had the eyes and attention of, (new) kickboxing fans and media from outside of the Moroccan community (home and away) and North Africa, upon them.

Strong rumours had emerged over the last 24 to 48 hours that both events were being (or had been) cancelled due to licensing issues which, have now been confirmed by Enfusion Live to K1ANOOP.

One rumour that had come to light from sources close to the scene is: that a rival promotion had allegedly gone out of its way to pull-in a few favours with certain persons of authority in Morocco, leading to both of Enfusion’s events being cancelled tomorrow in-relation to, the confirmed licensing issues.

The fall-out from this terrible news is still to be assessed by all stakeholders concerned including, the promotion but such awful news is a huge setback for the professional fighters, coaches, teams and their families who, will undoubtedly suffer from the burden of, potential (financial) loss of earnings and other costs incurred, due to all fights now being cancelled.

K1ANOOP will report again on how the situation continues to unfold in due course; and we sincerely sympathise with all of the fighters, the promotion and other persons adversely effected by the cancellations.

Enfusion Live 52 Nador “does not have the required papers to promote”, risks being cancelled

Enfusion Live 52 Nador is at high risk of being cancelled it emerged over night, following on form multiple sources having alleged yesterday that the event had been “cancelled” due to, the ‘Moroccan Kickboxing Union” being “angered” by the “lack of communication” by Enfusion Live leading up-to the promotion’s big day in Morocco tomorrow.

In response to our request to comment on the above allegations and (various) rumours, Enfusion responded to K1ANOOP:

“It seems to be truth that the local promotor does not have the required papers to promote.”

It is our understanding that senior management at Enfusion have been proactively working to resolve the situation with the relevant sporting authorities in Morocco since late last night; and that an update is expected as swiftly as possible from the promotion, today.


Enfusion Live 52 Nador: Aziz Kallah vs. Diogo Neves cancelled?

Enfusion Live 52 and Kickboxing Talents 35 were due to take place on July 29, 2017 in Nador, Morocco. Both fight cards were stacked with a high volume of Moroccan kickboxing talent that would be a huge boost for the domestic kickboxing talent that is relatively unknown on, the world stage at present; and could potentially open up many doors for emerging kickboxing talent.

K1ANOOP will report again as the situation further develops including, the status of Kickboxing Talents 35 which, is assumed to be at high risk of being cancelled too (for the same reasons as Enfusion Live 52).

However, Aziz Kallah who, is scheduled to headline Enfusion Live 52 tomorrow against, Diogo Neves, had announced (yesterday) that the weigh-ins are still occurring at the “Mercure hotel in Nador” this early afternoon.

Throwback Thursday: Denise Kielholtz vs. Tiffany van Soest full fight video

Tiffany van Soest and Denise Kielholtz are both world champion kickboxers for GLORY Kickboxing and Bellator Kickboxing, respectively and had previously clashed with one another in the past. 

Of the two champions, the next to defend their title will be van Soest on August 25, 2017 against Funda Alkayiş at GLORY 44 SuperFight Series, New York. Whilst Kielholtz is planning a return to the ring, and or, cage in the second half of this year. 

So, in the spirit of ‘Throwback Thursday’, let’s relive an intense showdown of ringcraft and skill betweeen two of the very best female fighters in world kickboxing; and who knows, these two could possibly rematch one another in kickboxing or MMA. 

Enfusion Live 52 Nador: Aziz Kallah vs. Diogo Neves fight card

Aziz Kallah vs. Diogo Neves features as the main event of Enfusion Live 52 in Nador, Morocco. The Dutch-Morrocan accountant will clash with the Portuguese kickboxer on Moroccan soil at the, Salle Couverte Omnisports De Nador on July 29, 2017.

Born in the Netherlands and having studied as an accountant, Kallah prefers a smart approach to  kickboxing in the ring. However, “The Machine” won’t be an easy night’s task for Kallah; Neves is a former world and European WAKO champion who, went the distance with GLORY champion, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenongat Kunlun Fight 50 last year.

The main event which, includes Chellina Chorine vs. Nora Cornell for, the women’s 61kg Enfusion world title, is preceded by Kickboxing Talents 35 on a night stacked with “Moroccan magic” as the promotion strengthens their reach into North African terrain.


Enfusion Live 52 Nador: Chellina Chorine vs. Nora Cornolle | Image via Enfusion Live

Enfusion Live 52 – Fight card:

Aziz Kallah vs. Diogo Neves – 74kg

Brahim Kallah vs. Endy Semeleer – 72.5kg

Chellina Chorine vs. Nora Cornolle – 5 rounds x2 mins, 61Kg Enfusion World Title

Hamid Baarab vs. Levi Rigters – Heavyweight

Serrano Voorn vs. Abdelatif Aknouch – 75kg

Yassin Ambrai vs. Diego Ramos – 67kg

Gordon Kaylakhan vs. Juan Fernandez – 63kg

Kickboxing Talents 35 Nador: Samir Lopes vs. Taha Assarhire fight card

Samir Lopes vs. Taha Assarhire will headline Kickboxing Talents 35 on July 29, 2017 in Nador, Morocco. As usual, these Kickboxing Talents fight cards precede the main card for, an Enfusion Live event on the same night which, on this occasion will be, Enfusion Live 52.

Lopes had recently failed to qualify for the 67kg Enfusion League, having beaten Tony Jas who, was disqualified in round three of their bout at, Kickboxing Talents 26; only to lose a decision to Lofogo Savour in the semi-final stage at, Kickboxing Talents 31. Whereas, Assarhire is a national Moroccan Muay Thai champion who, will be looking to catapult his profile by, defeating the Cape Verde fighter in-front of a Maroc crowd.

Another Moroccan looking to please on home soil will be Kawtar Baarab who, is from Nador, and will be taking on Priscilla Davids. These two women have the ingredients for potentially a very entertaining affair and with the slick skills that Davids has picked-up from legendary kickboxing coach, Lucien Carbin, she’ll be more than ready for a hostile crowd.

Kickboxing Talents 35 – Fight card:

Samir Lopes vs. Taha Assarhire – 67kg

Abdel El Gharbi  vs. Riad Azough  – 80kg

Bilal Amrani vs. Mohamed Bakali – 67kg

Imad Lahmaj vs. Abdel Hakim Ben Abdollah – 60kg

Priscilla Davids vs. Kawtar Baarab – 54kg women’s bout

Nouredine El Aamrani vs. Steven Vd Broek – 80kg

Mitchel Lammers vs. Said Aamran – 70kg