Damien Trainor Muay Thai Documentary: Fighting Adults as a 16 Year Old (Part 1)

Damien Trainor Muay Thai Documentary: Fighting Adults as a 16 Year Old (Part 1)Damien Trainor is a former two-time Muay Thai world champion from the UK; Now co-owner of K-Star Legacy Gym in Birmingham and a much sought after international striking coach by elite fighters in the UFC, Bellator and the world of Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

This video is the part one of a new Muay Thai documentary series on Damien Trainor’s journey as a martial artist, becoming a professional fighter and multiple world champion from: the early days of being coached by, Steve Logan at K-Star Thai-boxing Gym; and how Trainor’s Muay Thai career kicked-off fighting adults 10 years older than him as a 16 year old boy and much more.

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Filmed & edited by, Anoop Hothi – Instagram @anoophothi

With thanks to: Damien Trainor (Instagram @trainor103), Steve Logan, K-Star Legacy Gym and K-Star Thai-boxing Gym.

Photo Credit (Thumbnail): The original photo (the one I used is a screengrab from one of Damien Trainor’s YouTube videos) was actually by, Rob Cox – Instagram @rcoxphoto – at The King of Thailand’s Birthday, many years ago.

Additional Footage sourced via:
Stuart Tomlinson/Warrior Colective
K Star Thai Boxing Academy
Muay Thai Grand Prix
Damien Trainor

“The Immortal” Regian Eersel: Straight Outta Bijlmer

“The Immortal” Regian Eersel is a 24 year old Dutch kickboxer & Muay Thai fighter, born in Suriname & is the current Lion Fight super-middleweight world champion. At the age of four, Eersel immigrated to Amsterdam’s most notorious “ghetto”, Bijlmer (home to former GLORY Kickboxing 95kg SLAM champion, Tyrone Spong), a suburb once described as being: a “national disaster area” by Dutch police.

Eersel who, fights out of, Sityodtong Gym, travels down memory lane, recounting his journey from childhood to adulthood as he tours through the streets of Bijlmer with, K1ANOOP. Eersel opens-up on how he was forged into becoming a Dutch kickboxing prodigy & one of the most feared fighters since the emergence of Badr Hari – with whom comparisons are easily made from Regian’s explosive and ferocious style of technical violence.

Regian Ersel made his One Championship debut on April 20, 2018 with an unanimous decision victory against New Zealand’s Brad Riddell, having agreed a multiple fight deal (kickboxing and potentially MMA) with the Southeast Asian promotion which, is owned by renown entrepreneur,  Chatri Sityodtong.

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