Mike Passenier on the return of Badr Hari, Glory Redemption & 2017 round-up

Mike Passenier opens-up on the return of the “Golden Boy” Badr Hari at GLORY 51 Rotterdam which, was announced at GLORY 49 and gives a round-up of: his breakthrough fighters in 2017 at Mike’s Gym; Glory Collision: Rico Verhoeven vs Jamal Ben Saddik; and a look ahead at, Collision 2: Badr vs Rico rematch in 2018 & much more.
0:22 Yousri Belgaroui vs. Alex Pereira, GLORY 49 rematch
1:07 Christian Baya vs. Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong
2:39 The rise of Stoyan Koprivlenski, GLORY 49 Contender Tournament winner
3:25 Ismael Londt’s defeat to D’Angelo Marshall
4:25 Why Nieky Holzken should not retire anytime soon
8:22 The return of Badr Hari in 2018
11:16 Badr Hari’s motivation now compared to the past
12:31 Glory Redemption: Rico Verhoeven vs. Jamal Ben Saddik analysis
14:30 Should Rico Verhoeven have got an 8-count from the referee?
18:05 Glory Collision: Rico vs. Badr technical analysis
20:46 Murthel Groenhart winning the GLORY welterweight title
21:19 2017 kickboxing round-up: Breakthrough of Christian Baya, Stoyan Koprivlenski, Anissa Haddaoui, Fabio Kwasi
23:33 2018 forecast for kickboxing, ‘Golden era’ & message to fans
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Murthel Groenhart on Harut Grigorian rematch: “Let’s kill him in the first round” & GLORY 49 recap

GLORY Kickboxing champion, Murthel Groenhart looks ahead at the rematch with Harut Grigorian at GLORY 50 Chicago, declaring: “Let’s kill him in the first round”; and, recaps GLORY 49 Rotterdam which, was topped-off by Glory Redemption: Rico vs. Jamal. As well as the return of his fellow Mike’s Gym team-mate, Badr Hari, come GLORY 51 Rotterdam & much more:

0:13 Another rematch with Harut Grigorian at GLORY 51
2:32 Cedric Doumbe beef, rivalry & mind-games
4:57 Fighting in the USA compared to Europe
6:31 Nieky Holzken‘s loss of form & defeat to Alim Nabiyev
9:08 How to deal with the potential threat of Alim Nabiyev
11:09 Murthel’s tips for fighters & believing in yourself
11:52 Younger brother, Fernando Groenhart‘s kickboxing return
12:48 Badr Hari’s return, Rico Verhoeven & Jamal Ben Saddik
15:33 Yousri Belgaroui‘s eye injury & loss to Alex Pereira
17:54 Ismael Londt‘s returning defeat to D’Angelo Marshall
18:29 Murthel’s worst injury & overcoming it mentally
20:08 Christian Baya vs. Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong
22:43 Stoyan Koprivlinski‘s winning the GLORY 49 Lightweight Contender Tournament
24:24 Forecast for 2018 & bad intentions for Harut Grigorian.

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Complete GLORY 47 SuperFight Series card announced: Florent Kaouachi vs. Abdarhmane Coulibaly to headline

The entire GLORY 47 SuperFight Series main card was announced earlier today and will be headlined by, Florent Kaouachi (11-0) vs. Abdarhmane Coulibaly (50-21), at the Palais des Sports de Gerland, Lyon on October 28, 2017.

Dylan Salvador vs. Massaro Glunder will co-headline the stacked SuperFight Series in Lyon which, marks a return to action for Glunder (30-10-4) who, last fought in France in the GLORY 42 Paris Lightweight Contender Tournament. Massaro had finished as runner-up to his fellow Mike’s Gym team mate, Christian Bayaand impressed the masses on his GLORY debut with an emphatic KO of, Niclas Larsen in the semi-finals. Whilst Salvador(49-13-1) last featured for GLORY in a one-sided defeat (by decision) to, Serhiy Adamchuck at GLORY 42.

Below is the entire card and bout order that will precede the full fight card (announced today) for the, GLORY 47 Lyon: Artem Vakhitov vs. Ariel Machado main fight card on the night.

GLORY 47 SuperFight Series – Fight card:

Light Heavyweight Headline Bout: Florent Kaouachi vs. Abdarhmane Coulibaly
Featherweight Bout: Dylan Salvador vs. Massaro Glunder
Super Bantamweight Contender Bout: Anissa Meksen vs. Funda Alkayiş
Middleweight Bout: Ahaggan Yassine vs. Maxim Vorovski
Welterweight Bout: Jimmy Vienot vs. Alim Nabiyev

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Anissa Haddaoui set to fight Kamila Balanda after Kunlun Fight triumph, ‘still waiting’ on GLORY Kickboxing

Anissa Haddaoui has had a turbulent year so far fighting for Kunlun Fight. However, her fortunes dramatically changed last week when she ended-up replacing,  Laetitia Madjene in Kunlun’s Mulan Legend Final; winning the 8-woman tournament at Kunlun Fight 64.

In May, she lost her quarter-final bout in the Mulan Legend tournament by decision to French kickboxer, Laetitia Madjene. At the time, Haddaoui felt she had done enough to win a ‘close’ fight but the Kunlun judges had seen it differently.

However, under even more controversial circumstances at Kunlun, Madjene would allegedly pull-out (or be replaced) from the Mulan Legend final against (eventual runner-up), Wang Kehan, due to injury and was replaced by Anissa Haddaoui.


Haddaoui lands a right cross on Kehan | Photo credit: Kunlun Fight

Haddaoui is now set to fight Kamila Balanda in Poland on August 26, 2017 at Ladies Fight Night as she continues to build momentum and targets a future with GLORY Kickboxing. However, the task at hand is an interesting challenge for the Mike’s Gym fighter.

Balanda has impressive victories over the likes of multiple world champions: Daria Albers and Katrin Dirheimer but has a way of playing mental war games with opponents; giving her a reputation (amongst her many adversaries) as being the, ‘foul-mouthed bad girl’ of Polish kickboxing.

Despite her notoriety for unsettling her rivals, Balanda is a considered to be “one of the most successful” female kickboxers to come out of Poland. On the European circuit, she’s accumulated numerous kickboxing titles for organisations such as WAKO and K-1, reportedly.

Reflecting on her Mulan Legend success, Haddaoui recapped her victory over Kehan who, was coached and cornered by K-1 legend, Artur Kyshenko:

“After the third round they gave in the final a draw. In Kunlun they give two extra rounds. She was very tired and after the fourth round I won. It was a close fight.”

Haddaoui’s team mates at Mike’s Gym such as Murthel Groenhart and Christian Baya are coming off recent victories at GLORY 42 Paris and Massaro Glunder is set to feature in his second GLORY event at, GLORY 45 SuperFight Series against, Zakaria Zouggery. However, it would seem that Anissa Haddaoui could potentially join her kickboxing companions and fight for GLORY in the near future too.

“They maybe interested but nothing concrete yet. They are interested in me as a female fighter but I’m still waiting and yeah, I want to fight for GLORY. Who knows, maybe I’m going to enter the super-bantamweight for GLORY.”


Outside low-kick from Kehan countered by Haddaoui | Photo credit: Kunlun Fight

Tiffany van Soest was crowned GLORY’s inaugural women’s super-bantamweight champion after defeating, Amel Dehby via unanimous decision at, GLORY Collision last year. Haddaoui would certainly make an interesting contender to van Soest’s title but first she has to deal with Balanda who, awaits her in Poland.

Badr Hari released from prison after serving three months for assault but what happens next?

Badr Hari has been released from prison in the Netherlands after serving three months (of a suspended 10 months sentence) for various past convictions of assault; and was pictured in a selfie with Chritisan Baya yesterday at Mike’s Gym, Amsterdam.

The ‘Golden Boy’ had returned to prison on April 3, 2017 after losing an appeal at the Dutch Supreme Court in February, from previous legal action in October 2015, relating to the suspended sentence. Badr was reported as needing to serve at least six months in jail before any possible early release, after losing the appeal earlier this year.

However, there had been strong rumours circulating of an early release from prison and that a return to GLORY Kickboxing would most likely happen for Hari in a rematch with, GLORY champion, Rico Verhoeven, in March 2017; and that any early release from prison could possibly involve an electronic tag being placed on one of Badr Hari’s limbs, with strict restrictions over his movements and not being allowed to leave the country.

One theory that now seems reasonable in-light of recent developments is: if any early release from prison was negotiated, it might include a condition for some type of community service. For example, returning to Mike’s Gym in a coaching capacity for youngsters which, could allow time for Badr to start training again with head coach, Mike Passenier, whilst adhering to any potential curfews/restrictions imposed on Badr for, the next seven months of a suspended sentence.

If so, it could be possible to see Badr Hari return to GLORY by the end of this year, especially if for any reasons, Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Rico Verhoeven 2, was to be post-poned (or cancelled) yet again, after being officially rescheduled for December 2017 in a year-end extravaganza; Saddik had been injured in a reported motoring accident causing the delay.

K1ANOOP will report again as the situation unfolds further in due course.

Yousri Belgaroui thinks GLORY champion, Simon Marcus, “grew a big pussy”

Yousri Belgaroui won the 4-man middleweight contender tournament at GLORY 40 Copenhagen and was expecting to make a swift challenge for Simon Marcus‘s title. Instead, the bout has been delayed until further notice and “The Babyface Ninja” who, was in-attendance at GLORY 42 Paris, alleges that the current GLORY middleweight champion, is deliberately stalling their title-fight.

“It’s getting on my nerves now. Because GLORY planned the fight, New York, Madison Square Gardens. I was really happy to get my belt there, show it to everybody but he said he don’t wanna fight. He didn’t give a good reason or something. So if he’s injured I say ok, I wait but he didn’t give a good reason, I just think he grew a big pussy. Now he got it with the belt, he’s afraid of me. That’s what I believe otherwise come with a good reason.”

“They are maybe planning on letting me fight Jason Wilnis first but it’s not confirmed. I said immediately yes, let’s do it because I know if I get the belt, he maybe first or second in the line to come and try fight me. So, yes let’s do it now, better soon than later. I don’t mind, I want to fight. I hope it’s going to be 25th August in Chicago.”

If Belgaroui vs. Wilnis were to happen at GLORY 43 New York, it will be interesting to see if this potential match-up could be for an interim middleweight title. No doubt GLORY Kickboxing will be making an official announcement soon enough and K1Anoop will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

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