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Sanny Dahlbeck on sparring different styles of striking

Sanny Dahlbeck explains the challenges in sparring different styles of striking from: Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing. As well as always looking to improve his overall technique from cross-training and sparring. Listen / download this clip: Related Links: Instagram:  @sannydahlbeck | @k1anoop Facebook | Twitter @K1Anoop Subscribe via Podbean YouTube Back to Podcasts  

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Sanny Dahlbeck: BJJ, Grappling and Boxing ‘opens up a new world of techniques’

Former Yokkao world champion, Sanny Dhalbeck, enjoys training in different martial arts such as BJJ, especially how it ‘opens up a new world of techniques’. Listen / download this clip: Related Links: Instagram:  @sannydahlbeck | @k1anoop Facebook | Twitter @K1Anoop Subscribe via Podbean YouTube Back to Podcasts  

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Bernardo, Mwekassa

Zack Mwekassa reminisces on training with K-1 veterans Mike Bernardo and Francois Botha

Zack Mwekassa is GLORY Kickboxing‘s former interim light-heavyweight champion and was reminiscing about how he first got into kickboxing when he was in his early 20s. As well as recalling some fond (but tough) memories of training and sparring with K-1 veterans, Mike Bernardo and former wold heavyweight boxing champion, Francois Botha. Meekassa was speaking ahead of […]

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GLORY 38 – Richard Abraham: From tombstones to GLORY Kickboxing and making life happen

Richard Abraham is a US Muay Thai fighter and welterweight contender for GLORY Kickboxing who, fights Antoine Pinto, at GLORY 38 in Chicago on February 24, 2017. Abraham who, is actually from Chicago, opens-up about all the trials and tribulations he’s experienced and had to overcome, in getting to where he is today and achieve things in life […]

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Charlie Peters vs. Double K Gym – Sparring Highlights

Charlie Peters fights Liam Harrison on July 15, 2017 at Muay Thai Grand Prix (MTGP 8) at the O2 Indigo, London. The fight has been in the making for some years now and will determine if Harrison will retain his UK number one ranking in the 65kg Muay Thai division, a status held by Harrison for […]

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Niclas R. Larsen on learning to walk again and his wife’s amazing support

Niclas R. Larsen makes his return to the GLORY Kickboxing ring at GLORY 38 against Łukasz Pławecki, after a two year hiatus due to serious health issues. The 70kg WKU world Muay Thai champion suffered a horrendous and traumatic staph infection which, initially went undiagnosed by Doctors. As a result, Larsen came incredibly close to having his leg […]

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Bellator 158 – Open workout: Michael ‘Venom’ Page

Michael ‘Venom’ Page (MVP) delivered one of the most epic knockouts ever with a brutal flying knee to the face of Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos at Bellator 158 in London last year. “Cyborg” would eventually retire following reconstructive surgery to his head as a result of the face-changing  injuries sustained. However, on watching MVP’s open media workout days before their […]

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Idris Elba: Fighter – Developing a kickboxer

Kieran Keddle is a former three time world Thai boxing champion and head coach of Double K Gym who, coached Hollywood actor, Idris Elba for a year leading up-to Elba’s professional kickboxing debut. Elba was a complete novice when he first started training with Keddle. The whole experience involved both Keddle and Elba travelling around the world together to: Australia, Cuba, South Africa and Thailand, […]

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St Pierre

A White Belt State of Mind

As George St Pierre (GSP) famously said: “There is a difference between a fighter and a martial artist. A fighter is training for a purpose: He has a fight. I’m a martial artist. I don’t train for a fight. I train for myself. I’m training all the time. My goal is perfection. But I will […]

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