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GLORY 41 Den Bosch: Extended Highlights Video and Results

GLORY 41 took place in Den Bosch on May 20, 2017 in an eventful night of elite kickboxing stacked with two fight cards; a 4-man heavyweight tournament; a disqualification; multiple knockdowns and another close (or controversial some might argue) decision involving, Robin van Roosmalen who, reclaimed his GLORY featherweight title against another Thai in, Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao; and Rico Verhoeven was […]

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Road to Glory UK – Full Fight: Jamie Bates vs. Kev Ward

Jamie Bates vs. Kev Ward headlined the Road to Glory UK event in March 2017 which, would secure the winner of this match-up (80kg catchweight) with, a two-fight contract with GLORY Kickboxing. Both men are experienced fighters and Ward is an ISKA world champion, however, Bates would win by decision and go on to make […]

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Zakaria Zouggary – Kickboxing Highlights

Zakaria Zouggary will fight Enfusion champion, Ilias Bulaid, at Enfusion Live 46 on February 18, 2017. Bulaid is the defending 67kg Enfusion world champion and is renown for his high pace attacking style. However, if you’re not too sure about all the hype around Zouggary then watch the above kickboxing highlight reel of his because after all, actions speak louder […]

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Enfusion Live 37 – Full Fight: Nordin Ben Moh vs. Mohammed Jaraya

Nordin Ben Moh vs. Mohammed Jaraya  was one of the (if not) best kickboxing fights of 2016. This exhilarating clash took place in the semi-finals of the 70kg Enfusion Max tournament at Enfusion Live 37, with both fighters knocking each other down.  Watch the full fight again and enjoy! Both men are due to rematch each other at Enfusion Live […]

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Artur Saladik on sacrifices, no time for family, girlfriend and wants rematch with Turbill

Artur Saladik explains why he feels the judges got the decision wrong and awarded the win in-favour of Josh Turbill at TML 1: Tanko Muay Thai League on February 12, 2017. Saladik is hopeful of securing a place on the Enfusion Live Reality show in the coming weeks but wants a rematch with Turbill. Listen […]

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Michael Wakeling: ‘Thai boxing should be worth a lot more money. Fighting for far too cheap.’

Following his decision win against Marco Pique at TML 1: Tanko Muay Thai League on February 12, 2017 Michael Wakeling explained that his inactivity in recent years was due to the lack of ‘right money for right fights’ and that other people are fighting ‘for far too less’. Listen / download this interview: Related […]

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Lion Fight 34 – Full Fight: Iman Barlow vs. Meryem Uslu

Iman Barlow successfully defended her Lion Fight super-bantamweight title against, Meryem Uslu, at Lion Fight 34 on February 3, 2017. Watch the full fight below and click here for the full roundup and results from Lion Fight 34 too. Lion Fight 34 – Full Fight: Iman Barlow vs. Meryem Uslu Related Links: Instagram: @imanbarlow | @k1anoop Facebook | Twitter @K1Anoop | Subscribe via Podbean Listen / […]

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Lion Fight 34 – Full Fight: Gabriel Mazzetti vs. Nick Chasteen

Fight of the night at Lion Fight 34 was Gabriel Mazzetti vs. Nick Chasten in an action packed affair in Las Vegas on February 3, 2017. Watch the full fight below and click here for the full roundup and results from Lion Fight 34 too. Lion Fight 34 – Full Fight: Gabriel Mazzetti vs. Nick […]

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Lion Fight

Lion Fight 34 – Highlights and roundup

Michael Schiavello and UFC Hall of Famer, Pat Miletech, rundown an action packed night of international Muay Thai from Lion Fight 34 over the weekend at, the Tropicana Resort Casino, Las Vegas on February 3, 2017. Click here for a full roundup of Lion Fight 34, plus, all of the results. Listen / download / share: Lion Fight champion, […]

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MTGP 5 – Full Fight: John Wayne Parr vs. Pavlos Kaponis

John Wayne Parr is undoubtedly one of the greatest Muay Farangs of all time. A living legend in the western world of Muay Thai and K-1 veteran who, signed with Bellator Kickboxing towards the end of 2016 which, he discussed on the podcast recently including, potential match-ups and the sudden resurgence of kickboxing on a global scale. […]

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