Kickboxing is a lifestyle for me. I’m very passionate about kickboxing and it’s more than just a sport for me, it’s a way of life – a lifestyle.  I am a kickboxing martial artist.

Profile Pic 05.04.16Anoop Hothi – also known as K1ANOOP – is a combat sports writer, reporter and podcaster based in the UK (with a keen eye for K1/Thai rules).

Having initially trained in sport kickboxing as a child, K1ANOOP returned to kickboxing in his adulthood and made the transition from sport kickboxing to K1 rules and Thai boxing.

Being a kickboxing martial artist, intrigued with improving himself and studying more about the technical aspects of the ‘striking arts’, K1ANOOP started his own blog in 2015 which, swiftly lead to opportunities to write professionally about combat sports for various digital platforms.

K1ANOOP is focused on increasing the mainstream media coverage of world kickboxing (K1/Thai rules) and for UK combat athletes of all disciplines.

To enhance the general exposure and media coverage for your professional fighters / gym / promotion then please do not hesitate to contact K1ANOOP via the contact form below.

You can follow K1Anoop on YouTubeInstagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.



  1. Kickboxingplanet.com Podcast #6: Vinny Shoreman - May 28, 2016

    […] On this edition of the Kickboxingplanet podcast, Vinny Shoreman discussed the following (and much more) with our host, Anoop Hothi: […]


  2. Peters and Harrison confirm fight in talks for MTGP - MMA PLUS - September 14, 2016

    […] Anoop Hothi reports for MMA PLUS that a fight between the pair is being negotiated by MTGP and could happen in the not too distant future. […]


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