Damien Trainor Muay Thai Documentary: Fighting Adults as a 16 Year Old (Part 1)

Damien Trainor Muay Thai Documentary: Fighting Adults as a 16 Year Old (Part 1)Damien Trainor is a former two-time Muay Thai world champion from the UK; Now co-owner of K-Star Legacy Gym in Birmingham and a much sought after international striking coach by elite fighters in the UFC, Bellator and the world of Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

This video is the part one of a new Muay Thai documentary series on Damien Trainor’s journey as a martial artist, becoming a professional fighter and multiple world champion from: the early days of being coached by, Steve Logan at K-Star Thai-boxing Gym; and how Trainor’s Muay Thai career kicked-off fighting adults 10 years older than him as a 16 year old boy and much more.

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Filmed & edited by, Anoop Hothi – Instagram @anoophothi

With thanks to: Damien Trainor (Instagram @trainor103), Steve Logan, K-Star Legacy Gym and K-Star Thai-boxing Gym.

Photo Credit (Thumbnail): The original photo (the one I used is a screengrab from one of Damien Trainor’s YouTube videos) was actually by, Rob Cox – Instagram @rcoxphoto – at The King of Thailand’s Birthday, many years ago.

Additional Footage sourced via:
Stuart Tomlinson/Warrior Colective
K Star Thai Boxing Academy
Muay Thai Grand Prix
Damien Trainor

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