Luke Whelan Mocks Vinny Church Being “Ranked UK Number One” Lightweight in Kickboxing

Kickboxing Grand Prix European champion, Luke Whelan mocks Vinny Church being “ranked UK number one” lightweight in kickboxing, prior-to their upcoming clash at MTGP 17 headlined by, Liam Harrison vs Charlie Peters, on the Kickboxing Grand Prix (KGP 11) undercard.

Luke Whelan vs Vinny Church has been in the making since the beginning of 2017 when Luke Whelan called-out Vinny Church. After 18 months, the fight was almost cancelled (due to the influence of external parties courtesy of kickboxing politics) due to the fallout from Whelan not being successfully matched-up (twice) on the GLORY 54 Birmingham event 5 weeks earlier where Church was also fighting.

Interesting Fact: Luke Whelan (coached by Kieran Keddle) fighting out of Double K Gym against, Vinny Church (coached by Tony Newman at Te-At-Su), will be the only title fight on the overall Muay Thai Grand Prix 17 event.

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