Liam Harrison’s “Game Plan” Against Charlie Peters? Damien Trainor Previews: Harrison vs. Peters

Two-time world Muay Thai champion, Damien Trainor, breaks-down Liam Harrison’s most probable “game plan” against, Charlie Peters, leading up-to their headline bout at Muay Thai Grand Prix 17 (MTGP 17) in this preview. Liam Harrison vs Charlie Peters will see Harrison being challenged for his UK number one status which, he’s retained for over a decade in the British Muay Thai welterweight (67kg) division.

Billed as MTGP 17: Battle of Britain, Liam Harrison vs Charlie Peters is simply the biggest fight ever in UK Muay Thai history between two of the best fighters of their respective generations in British Muay Thai. Damien Trainor provides an insightful perspective between the two Muay Thai champions and their strengths against one another.

Over the last couple of years, the intense rivalry between Peters and Harrison has been building up between both fighters with Harrison having promised to knock-out Peters after their initial date was cancelled in 2017 after “The Hitman” sustained an injury and was lambasted by Peters.

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