What British MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing Needs

What exactly does British MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing need so much more of or to do, in order to rapidly grow from being niche combat sports and establish themselves as mainstream sports?

With the rise of the UFC, Bellator and GLORY Kickboxing growing their presence in the UK with future plans for even more British MMA and Kickboxing events; and even gaining mainstream media attention from the BBC, BT Sport, Daily Star and TalkSports, only the UFC is really leading the way with increasing popularity with the general public.

So what exactly is holding back not only the likes of Bellator, BAMMA, Cage Warriors, GLORY and many of the other combat sports promotions here in the UK? Why aren’t more British fighters gaining much more recognition with the general public compared to UFC sensation Darren Till? And, why are Muay Thai and Kickboxing struggling compared to MMA?

Sports journalist, Andreas Georgiou and Anoop Hothi explored this and much more on The K1Anoop Show (podcast) recently.

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Listen/download the podcast – The K1Anoop Show – on iTunes and Overcast, every Tuesday.

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