Badr Hari “can’t keep up” anymore? Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac “shit” rematch?

After a successful return at GLORY 51, did Badr Hari look like he “can’t keep up anymore” especially with Rico Verhoeven? As for the champion’s next fight, is the Rico Verhoeven vs Mladen Brestovac rematch “shit” as the main event for GLORY 54 Birmingham?

K-1 veteran and Kickboxing Grand Prix (KGP) European champion, Luke Whelan and K1ANOOP discuss this and much more:

Luke Whelan and K1ANOOP – Shownotes:

  • GLORY 54 Birmingham, Enfusion Newcastle, WFL England
  • Chrisiti Bereton vs Nicola Kaye and the GLORY 54 prelim UK card
  • Luke Whelan on Sam Omomogbe and Brad Stanton pulling-out against him at GLORY 54
  • Taking K-1 World Grand Prix and big fights with one week’s notice
  • Why Michael Wakeling is the best, pound-for-pound, British Kickboxing & Muay Thai fighter
  • Luke Whelan vs Vinny Church at MTGP 16?
  •  Vinny Church vs Ben Woolliss, GLORY 54
  • Luke Whelan’s analysis of Vinny Church
  • Jamie Whelan and GLORY’s 6-man UK shortlist
  • Why GLORY need to add more of the lower weight-classes
  • Why Rico Verhoeven never left GLORY for the UFC
  • Mike’s Gym are the most impressive set of fighters in European Kickboxing?
  • Fernando Groenhart and his controversial hard sparring viral videos
  • Rico Verhoeven vs Mladen Brestovac rematch “is a load of shit”, GLORY 54 
  • Why Badr Hari “can’t keep up” with heavyweight rivals nowadays

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