Glory Redemption: Rico Verhoeven vs. Jamal Ben Saddik | Kickboxing Analysis with Melvin Manhoef

Rico Verhoeven vs. Jamal Ben Saddik headlines Glory: Redemption at the Ahoy Rotterdam in a year end kickboxing extravaganza. K-1 legend, Melvin Manhoef gave a technical kickboxing analysis of this huge fight tonight with, Anoop Hothi for K1ANOOP.

Saddik won the first fight with Verhoeven six years ago and could very well cause one of the biggest upsets in recent times or, will GLORY’s undisputed heavyweight champion, secure another successful title-defence and ‘Redemption’?

Verhoeven has dominated heavyweight kickboxing including a TKO win over Badr Hari this time last year at ‘GLORY Collision‘. A second arm injury would seal the victory for Rico who, it would seem, is fast running out of credible/threatening enough opponents at GLORY Kickboxing.

However, Jamal Ben Saddik makes fighting difficult for his past opponents and is an incredibly tough individual, having battled cancer for a second time earlier this year. This matchup was initially scheduled for the first half of this year but Saddik unexpectedly needed urgent treatment but would seem to have made a strong recovery since then.

Could Jamal Ben Saddik end Rico Verhoeven’s reign as GLORY’s heavyweight champion or, will it be another comfortable win for Verhoeven who, easily disposed of UFC veteran, Bigfoot Silva at GLORY 46 China in his previous fight?

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