Nate Richardson: From a Child Refugee of War to Fighting at GLORY 44 Chicago | The K1Anoop Show

Nate Richardson is a Liberian kickboxer and MMA fighter who, emigrated to the USA at, the age of 10 as a child refugee when civil war broke out in Liberia in the early 1990s. Richardson will be making his GLORY Kickboxing debut against Polish fighter, Rafal Dudek at GLORY 44 Chicago on, the SuperFight Series fight card.

We get to know more about this exciting prospect who, has experience of winning an 8-man kickboxing tournament. Richardson tells of how he turned away from American football towards professional fighting and compares his fighting style to that of, Melvin Manhoef. Funnily enough, Dudek trains at the same gym in the Netherlands that Melvin has returned to, Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam.

The self-described ‘smart pressure fighter’who, resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, fights out of The Cellar Gym (under the coaching of, Chris Cichon) and balances a full-time job as a domiciliary care worker with training three times a day. “The Natural” has a kickboxing record of 8-2 and according to Sherdog is, 5-1 in professional MMA.

Question of the day:

Do you (the fans) expect Nate Richardson to defeat Rafal Dudek by KO at GLORY 44 SuperFight Series?

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Photo credit: Legacy Fighting via The Cellar Gym

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