Pat Barry on alcohol and prescription drug abuse, making a comeback November 18, 2017

Former K-1, UFC and GLORY Kickboxing veteran, Pat Barry, is making a comeback on November 18, 2017 after overcoming years of, abusing alcohol and prescription drugs which, he opened-up about in great depth on, The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani last night.

The incredibly candid interview was emotional to say the least, resulting in Barry’s partner, women’s UFC fighter, Rose Namajunas, in tears as the former UFC heavyweight told all including, being arrested for drink-driving whilst involved in the final weeks of (his friend) Brock Lesnar’s fight camp for Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

“I was living the wrong type of life and didn’t know it intentionally, I was never intentionally trying to be that type of guy but you really can get lost in it.”

How did Pat “HD” Barry overcome alcohol and prescription drug abuse problems though?

“Stopped. Cold turkey. No more nothing. I’m not saying that’s the way to do it but that’s the way I do it. No more nothing. It’s all over.”

Having been arrested after a drunken altercation at a bar, Barry had spent (approximately) half-a-day in the police cells which, triggered a serious wake-up call about his self-sabotaging ways. This was then compounded when he eventually returned home to find Rose Namajunas had left him and had even taken their dog because his (accumulating and) related issues back then had been ruining their relationship which, hit its worst point after his arrest.

Barry directly linked his failings, poor attitude to training and less than capable looking performances (in both MMA and kickboxing) over the years with his alcohol and drug abuse. However, being almost one year “sober”, Pat believes he has transformed his lifestyle significantly with the support of close friends and Rose; and is set to return to the fighting in a ‘kickboxing with MMA gloves’ bout on November 18, 2017 against Eric Prindle in Miami.

Watch Pat Barry’s full interview with Rose Namajunas on, The MMA Hour Episode 394.

Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International via

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