K-1 and GLORY Kickboxing veteran, Ben Edwards, prepares for second MMA fight in November

Ben Edwards announced on Facebook that he is currently preparing for his second MMA fight on November 4, 2017 in Canberra. The news follows on from the K-1 and GLORY Kickboxing veteran, winning his MMA debut against, Brandon Sosoli at Monaro Fight Circuit 25.

“Im fighting nov 4 in Canberra, opponent TBA. Hand is %100 foot is about %50” Edwards had posted on his Facebook; and that he was training with “coach Tonna” who, is Josh Tonna, a former amateur world K-1 champion and K-1 World Grand Prix veteran; fighting for Chinese promotion WLF.

The former Australian kickboxer now MMA fighter, had won his MMA debut by TKO against Sosoli with three broken bones in his foot and giving up 12kg to his opponent who, couldn’t make the initially agreed weight of, 120kg.

Edwards’s opponent is yet to be announced for November 4, however, K1ANOOP will update you on the situation as it continues to develop.

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MMA Debut 15/7/17

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Photo credit: Featured image by, James Law/Glory Sports International.


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