KRUSH 78 results and videos of: Nakazawa vs. Soda, Sasaki vs. Taniyama, Masanobu vs. Osawa

K1ANOOP has the KRUSH 78 main card results for the Jun Nakazawa vs. Yasuomi Soda fight card that took place at the Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on August 6, 2017.

In the main event, Jun Nakazawa would need an extra round to secure the decision victory over Yasuomi Soda in the headline bout for the -65kg KRUSH title; and in the co-main, Diazo Sasaki would also need an extra round defeat ToshikiTaniyama by decision in their -63kg KRUSH title bout.

Full results from the main card of KRUSH 78 (further) below.

As well as free full fight videos of the top three main card fights of the night: Jun Nakazawa vs. Yasuomi Soda; and, Diazo Sasaki vs. Toshiki Taniyama; and, Gosyu Masanobu vs. Fuiya Osawa.

-65kg KRUSH Title-Fight: Jun Nakazawa vs. Yasuomi Soda

-63kg KRUSH Title-Fight: Diazo Sasaki vs. Toshiki Taniyama

-60kg Semi-final NCD Tournament: Gosyu Masanobu vs. Fuiya Osawa

KRUSH 78 – Main fight card results:

-65kg KRUSH Title-Fight: Jun Nakazawa def. Yasuomi Soda by decision (extra round)

-63kg KRUSH Title-Fight: Diazo Sasaki def. ToshikiTaniyama by decision

-60kg Semi-final of Next Challenger Determined (NCD) Tournament: Gosyu Masanobu def. Fuiya Osawa by decision

K-Jee Keiji def. Takahagi Tsutomu by Rd1 KO, Heavyweight

Assi Pacome def. Yuki Kudo by Rd2 KO, Heavyweight

Haito Haito def. Tomonari Yutaka by Rd3 KO, -60kg

Shoya Masumoto def. Ryusei Ashizawa by decision, -58kg

Matsumoto Atsuto def. Daiki Matsushita by decision (extra round), -65kg

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