CMT 10: John Wayne Parr’s new opponent opens-up on overcoming bulimia and depression

James Heelan joins the The K1Anoop Show ahead of his, Caged Muay Thai: CMT 10, title-fight with Muay Thai legend, John Wayne Parr. Heelan opens-up on his five year battle on overcoming serious eating disorders i.e. bulimia and depression; and how utilising NLP mind coaching has helped him significantly with battling mental health issues.

Heelan who, is a 27 years old from Dublin, fights out of Kaewphitak Gym, Phuket. Earlier in his fighting career, he’d been a former training partner of the UFC‘s first two-weight champion, Conor McGregor, under head coach, John Kavanagh at SBG Ireland. James had been an amateur Irish MMA champion (9-3). Since then he moved to Thailand and a fighting career in Muay Thai unfolded (17-16); including, notable clashes with: Adam Bailey, Yodpayak Sitsongpeenong and Sanchant Sorwanat Sityodtong.

“Sexual Heelan” was a late replacement for Jake Purdy who, was initially matched-up against K-1 veteran, John Wayne Parr (JWP), in the headline bout for CMT 10 on August 4, 2017. Unfortunately, Purdy would reportedly break his big toe and as a result, Heelan would unexpectedly have the opportunity of a huge fight with a living legend of the sport.

However, Heelan had never before gone public about his serious eating disorder nor, mental health issues, until earlier this week. Before flying out to Australia, Heelan posted on Facebook about his ongoing battles with bulimia and depression when announcing he’d accepted a last minute fight with JWP and would be keeping a low online/social media presence, until after the fight.

On arrival to Australia yesterday and after a late night training session, Heelan spoke openly to K1ANOOP about all of his personal battles that he’d been struggling with over the last five years; and why he is finally in the best possible health (both mentally and physically) for the biggest of his career against, John Wayne Parr and much more.

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Photo credit: Tarimpress/Max Muay Thai

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