James Heelan replaces injured Jake Purdy against John Wayne Parr at CMT 10

John Wayne Parr (JWP) had been scheduled to fight the UK’s Jake Purdy in the main event of, Cage Muay Thai 10 (CMT 10) at, the Logan Metro Sports Centre in Australia on August 4, 2017. However, JWP announced earlier today on social media that Purdy has now been replaced by the Irish fighter, James Heelan.

“Unfortunately a few days ago we found out the news that Jake Purdy my original opponent broke his big toe sparring and had no other option but to pull out of the event.”

The news obviously comes as a big blow to Purdy’s career aspirations following his disappointing defeat to, Ben Hodge at Muay Thai Grand Prix ( (MTGP 9) via unanimous decision. Purdy was due to fight Parr on August 4, followed by Youssef Boughanem on, September 22 at Phoenix Fighting Championship 3 in London. However, no word as of yet from Purdy regarding his injury or availability for September either.

Nevertheless, the unfortunate injury has resulted in an opportunity for James Heelan to headline CMT 10 as a late replacement against a living legend of the sport with JWP adding:

“I’m happy to announce my new opponent from Ireland is James “Sexual” Heelan. James has a record of 47 fights mixed with Muay Thai, MMA & boxing. James once trained out of Dublin with @coach_kavanagh before moving to Phuket to concentrate purely on Muay Thai.”

Earlier this morning when K1ANOOP touched base with Heelan, he was catching his flight to Australia and looking forward to making the most of this opportunity.

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