Enfusion Live 52 Nador “does not have the required papers to promote”, risks being cancelled

Enfusion Live 52 Nador is at high risk of being cancelled it emerged over night, following on form multiple sources having alleged yesterday that the event had been “cancelled” due to, the ‘Moroccan Kickboxing Union” being “angered” by the “lack of communication” by Enfusion Live leading up-to the promotion’s big day in Morocco tomorrow.

In response to our request to comment on the above allegations and (various) rumours, Enfusion responded to K1ANOOP:

“It seems to be truth that the local promotor does not have the required papers to promote.”

It is our understanding that senior management at Enfusion have been proactively working to resolve the situation with the relevant sporting authorities in Morocco since late last night; and that an update is expected as swiftly as possible from the promotion, today.


Enfusion Live 52 Nador: Aziz Kallah vs. Diogo Neves cancelled?

Enfusion Live 52 and Kickboxing Talents 35 were due to take place on July 29, 2017 in Nador, Morocco. Both fight cards were stacked with a high volume of Moroccan kickboxing talent that would be a huge boost for the domestic kickboxing talent that is relatively unknown on, the world stage at present; and could potentially open up many doors for emerging kickboxing talent.

K1ANOOP will report again as the situation further develops including, the status of Kickboxing Talents 35 which, is assumed to be at high risk of being cancelled too (for the same reasons as Enfusion Live 52).

However, Aziz Kallah who, is scheduled to headline Enfusion Live 52 tomorrow against, Diogo Neves, had announced (yesterday) that the weigh-ins are still occurring at the “Mercure hotel in Nador” this early afternoon.

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