Enfusion CEO Edwin Van Os confirms Enfusion Live 52 Nador and Kickboxing Talents 35 cancelled

Enfusion CEO Edwin Van Os has just confirmed to K1ANOOP that both Enfusion Live 52 and Kickboxing Talents 35 in Nador, Morocco that were schedule to take place tomorrow i.e. July 29, 2017 have been cancelled.

Following on from our previous reporting of the situation out there in Morocco, Edwin Van Os responded:

“I cant say anything until I know exactly what went wrong between the local promotor and the Moroccan council. For sure is that there will be no event tomorrow. “

This shocking news has undoubtedly dealt a huge and unfortunate blow to the various fighters that had been focused on fighting tomorrow, especially for the domestic talent that would have had the eyes and attention of, (new) kickboxing fans and media from outside of the Moroccan community (home and away) and North Africa, upon them.

Strong rumours had emerged over the last 24 to 48 hours that both events were being (or had been) cancelled due to licensing issues which, have now been confirmed by Enfusion Live to K1ANOOP.

One rumour that had come to light from sources close to the scene is: that a rival promotion had allegedly gone out of its way to pull-in a few favours with certain persons of authority in Morocco, leading to both of Enfusion’s events being cancelled tomorrow in-relation to, the confirmed licensing issues.

The fall-out from this terrible news is still to be assessed by all stakeholders concerned including, the promotion but such awful news is a huge setback for the professional fighters, coaches, teams and their families who, will undoubtedly suffer from the burden of, potential (financial) loss of earnings and other costs incurred, due to all fights now being cancelled.

K1ANOOP will report again on how the situation continues to unfold in due course; and we sincerely sympathise with all of the fighters, the promotion and other persons adversely effected by the cancellations.

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