The Art of Kicking: How to Beat an Aggressive Fighter like Badr Hari

Kicking is an art and so is professional fighting but executing a variety of kicking skills isn’t a simple process, especially when under pressure from an aggressive fighter. However, controlling distance/range with effective kicking will certainly work wonders as it did for multiple K-1 champion, Semmy Schilt against Badr Hari.

Schilt and Badr had fought each other twice during their illustrious kickboxing careers; their first encounter in the ring resulted in a first round KO win for Hari at It’s Showtime Amsterdam in May 2009. On that occasion, the “Golden Boy” was simply to fast, too aggressive and too violent for the technical giant of world kickboxing in Schilt.

Hari had been deliberate in closing down Schilt who, is 6ft11″ tall, in their first clash despite standing at 6ft6″ himself. “The Hightower” had a huge natural advantage that always worked in his favour against the majority of his opponents. Some have even argued that if it wasn’t for his incredible height, immense physique and lengthy limbs, Schilt might not have had the high level of success that he enjoyed during the ‘Golden era’ (but that’s a debate for another time).

The simple fact is if you have a natural advantage over your opponent to use it as efficiently as possible. However, doing so like Schilt tried and failed (at first) proved to be much easier said than done, under extreme pressure from Hari.


GLORY 4: Schilt vs. Saki | Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International.

That’s why having a ‘game-plan’ needs instead, to be a strategy and not a plan but why exactly is that the case (again and again)?

Plans are fixed and don’t neccesirly adapt for changes in circumstances you’re facing. Whereas, a strategic approach to fighting is one that can adapt, depending on the permutations/combinations of what a fighter is faced with (in the ring); something one would’ve worked on in advance (with the added benefit of having analysed their opponent) in the gym. Therefore, having more ways than one to overcome your opponent, ideally.

Nevertheless, how do you go about  beating an aggressive fighter like Badr Hari via utilising the art of kicking then?

The answers and practical knowledge to apply are as concisely and comprehensively demonstrated in the breakdown below but remember – you need to practice techniques and skills repeatedly and properly – otherwise they won’t work under pressure.

Credit: Video by Lawrence Kenshin on YouTube.

Photo credit: Featured image via Badr Hari Facebook page.

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