Muay Thai Grand Prix 9 roundup and results: Peters defeats Pakorn and Hodge overthrows Purdy

Muay Thai Grand Prix (MTGP) champion, Charlie Peters, defeated Lumpinee champion, Pakorn in the headline bout of MTGP 9 via unanimous decision (UD) on July 15, 2017. Whilst the bitter feud between Ben Hodge and Jake Purdy was settled via a UD win for Hodge who, was crowned MTGP world middleweight champion at O2 Indigo, London.

Pakorn had replaced Yokkao champion, Liam Harrison, after “The Hitman” had to withdraw due to injuring his shoulder. However, Pakorn who, had previously defeated Harrison via UD at Yokkao 13, was just as big a challenge for “Charlie Boy”, despite the disappointment of not locking horns with Harrison.

The non-title fight (no rematch clause, or, multiple fight deal was agreed unlike Harrison vs. Peters) would go the distance with some of the officials believing that Pakorn “hadn’t done enough” compared to Peters over five rounds. The result was a huge victory for Peters who, will next fight against, Azize Hlali at Phoenix FC 3 in London on September 22, 2017.

Ben Hodge will have a short break after winning the MTGP middleweight title and looks forward to defending his championship by the end of the year and returning to the ring in the coming months too. However, could there be a potential rematch with Jake Purdy in the near future or someone else overseas?

Muay Thai Grand Prix 9 – Results:

Full Thai Rules (FTR) 67KG – Main Event:
Charlie Peters def. Pakorn via Unanimous Decision

FTR World MTGP Middleweight Title – Co Main Event:
Ben Hodge def. Jake Purdy via Unanimous Decision

FTR World MTGP Super Lightweight Title:
Carlton Lieu def. Anouar Elkarkouri via KO (Rd 3)

Jo Rittijak def. Vatsana Sedone via Ref Stoppage (Cut on Sedone Forehead in Rd 1)

Sevket Cerkez def. Duane Barnes via Split Decision

Shane O’Neill def. Alex Singh via TKO (Rd 2)

Micael Calunga def. Nikos Grantzidis via TKO (Rd 2)

Photo credit: Muay Thai Grand Prix/Natalia Rakowska

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