GLORY 43 New York roundup and results: Adegbuyi ‘badly robbed’, Jauncey TKO’d and Vannostrand triumph

Benjamin Adegbuyi lost a shocking decision to Guto Inocente in the main event at GLORY 43 New York on July 14, 2017 as GLORY Kickboxing took centre stage at Madison Square Garden. Whilst Josh Jauncey was amazingly knocked-down three times, losing by second round TKO to Elvis Gashi and Kevin Vannostrand was triumph in the featherweight contender tournament.

US kickboxing officials orchestrate controversial decisions

Adegbuyi and Inocente would have each other in trouble with the number one ranked GLORY heavyweight scoring a knockdown in round one. However, the Romanian heavyweight was unable to capitalise and Inconete would regain his composure after surviving the remainder of the first and recovering before the second round commenced.

Inconete would display his skilful kicking as the fight went on but when it came down to who demonstrated the better technical kickboxing, there was only one winner in that department. Unexpectedly, the judges saw the fight very differently from the majority of viewers and awarded a shocking decision in-favour of Guto, leaving ‘Mr Gentleman’ looking speechless at the official announcement; and venting his frustrations on Twitter shortly afterwards.

Sadly, its not the first time that Guto Inocente has been at the epicentre of a shocking and horrendous decision. For example, his victory over Hesdy Gerges at GLORY 33 New Jersey was another fine example of inexplicably bad scoring. However, Guto can’t be blamed if ‘lady luck’ is somehow awarding him with victories that he may not (respectfully) deserve.

Once again, US kickboxing officials have made a mess of proceedings when it comes to being trusted with unbiased/fair decisions. It would seem that they either lack, real experience of practicing the sport to a reasonable level of technical competence, and or, they seriously lack awareness (or practical knowledge) of how kickboxing skills are effectively applied in combat, compared to, looking “flashy” but not really effective.

Elvis Gashi is the real deal and always has been

When it comes to the profiles of North American kickboxers, unless it’s either Kevin Rossor, former GLORY champions, Joe Schilling and Gabriel Varga (all of whom are currently signed to Bellator Kickboxing), the world outside of the North Americas doesn’t seem to take note.

The buildup to GLORY 43 New York was clearly missing big star names compared to, GLORY 42 Paris, with, Cedric Doumbe vs. Nieky Holzken 2; and GLORY 41 Den Bosch, headlined by, Rico Verhoeven vs. Ismael Lazaar. Therefore, developing new kickboxing stars for the US market has been of utmost importance to GLORY and rightfully so.

However, a local talent like Gashi (born in Kosovo, living in the US and fighting for east coast promotion, Friday Night Fights), will only help to attract more of a US following, especially after such an emphatic TKO of a more globally known kickboxer in Josh Jauncey. With GLORY 44 Chicago scheduled for August 25, could GLORY look to build more momentum on their bright new star and find Gashi another well known name in world kickboxing as swiftly as possible?

Kevin Vannostrand is kickboxing’s King of New York

What an amazing night for for another New Yorker, Kevin Vannostrand, conquering all before him in the featherweight contender tournament. His first victim was one the most talented young prospects from the UK, 21 year old Mo Abdurahman.

In typical fashion, Vannostrand came out aggressively forward with relentless pressure throwing every limb possible, relentlessly and it paid off. First a front-kick to the chin connected, severely rocking “Mighty Mo” followed-up by a spinning back fist and somehow he was able to beat the count but the damage was done. Under high pressure and still in recovery mode, Kevin was able to land on Abdurahman’s head as he had him backing into a corner and despite picking himself up yet again, the referee would waive off the fight.

The final between Vannostrand and Giga Chikadze turned into a mean and menacing encounter between the two adversaries who, had clashed before at GLORY 27 Chicago.

Chikadze was coming off a very challenging and physically demanding semi-final win over, Aleksei Ulianov that had gone the distance. Whereas, Vannostrand had exerted a lot less energy and looked a lot less war-torn compared to Chikadze and was able to avenge his one career defeat (by decision) against, the one man he’d ever lost to, with a bitter sweet unanimous decision.

Usually, winning a GLORY contender tournament secures the winner with an immediate title-shot. However, Serhiy Adamchuck was expected to fight the current featherweight champion, Robin van Roosmalen next, having won a title eliminator against, Dylan Salvador at GLORY 42 Paris.


Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sports International.

Nevertheless, depending on Robin van Roosmalen’s return to GLORY Kickboxing from MMA, Vannostrand could probably face the winner of, van Roosemalen vs. Adamchuck in the near future but instead, don’t rule out a possible title-elimantor with Adamchuck on, August 26 in Chicago.

GLORY 43 New York – Results:

Guto Inocente def. Benjamin Adegbuyi by split decision

Elvis Gashi def. Josh Jauncey by Rd2 KO

Featherweight contender tournament final:

Kevin Vannostrand def. Giga Chikadze via unanimous decision

Featherweight contender tournament, semi-finals:

Kevin Vannostrand def. Mo Abdurahman by Rd1 TKO

Giga Chikadze def. Aleksei Ulianov via split decision

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