Badr Hari released from prison after serving three months for assault but what happens next?

Badr Hari has been released from prison in the Netherlands after serving three months (of a suspended 10 months sentence) for various past convictions of assault; and was pictured in a selfie with Chritisan Baya yesterday at Mike’s Gym, Amsterdam.

The ‘Golden Boy’ had returned to prison on April 3, 2017 after losing an appeal at the Dutch Supreme Court in February, from previous legal action in October 2015, relating to the suspended sentence. Badr was reported as needing to serve at least six months in jail before any possible early release, after losing the appeal earlier this year.

However, there had been strong rumours circulating of an early release from prison and that a return to GLORY Kickboxing would most likely happen for Hari in a rematch with, GLORY champion, Rico Verhoeven, in March 2017; and that any early release from prison could possibly involve an electronic tag being placed on one of Badr Hari’s limbs, with strict restrictions over his movements and not being allowed to leave the country.

One theory that now seems reasonable in-light of recent developments is: if any early release from prison was negotiated, it might include a condition for some type of community service. For example, returning to Mike’s Gym in a coaching capacity for youngsters which, could allow time for Badr to start training again with head coach, Mike Passenier, whilst adhering to any potential curfews/restrictions imposed on Badr for, the next seven months of a suspended sentence.

If so, it could be possible to see Badr Hari return to GLORY by the end of this year, especially if for any reasons, Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Rico Verhoeven 2, was to be post-poned (or cancelled) yet again, after being officially rescheduled for December 2017 in a year-end extravaganza; Saddik had been injured in a reported motoring accident causing the delay.

K1ANOOP will report again as the situation unfolds further in due course.

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