Why Tyrone Spong “stopped with the kickboxing” and hasn’t returned to GLORY

In April 2016, former It’s Showtime champion and K-1 veteran, Tyrone Spong was asked by renown MMA journalist, Ariel Helwani, if he’d retired from kickboxing to which Spong replied, “Yeah”. However, there’s a lot more to the whole story and why the “King of the Ring” hasn’t returned to GLORY Kickboxing since breaking his leg in 2014 against, Gökhan Saki at GLORY 15 Istanbul.

Tyrone Spong had been training and competing in kickboxing, MMA and boxing out of, The Blackzilians in sunny Florida prior-to that fateful night in Turkey. Since making a full recovery from breaking his leg, Spong has been solely focusing on developing a career in professional boxing and even making time to help Hollywood actor, Idris Elba, prepare for his victorious kickboxing debut too.

The full video interview below explains best why Spong “retired” from kickboxing and why the chances of him making a comeback anytime soon are pretty slim (and have been in recent years too). Unlike Badr Hari who, did return to the sport and made his GLORY debut against Rico Verhoeven at GLORY Collision last December, it would be fair to say that Spong doesn’t seem to need any (emotional) closure and has well and truly moved-on with his life and from kickboxing.

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Photo credit: Image via Kickboxingplanet.

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