Iman Barlow and Ben Hodge: Enfusion Live 51 and MTGP 9 | The K1Anoop Show

Ben Hodge and Iman Barlow join The K1Anoop Show ahead of their upcoming title-fights. Barlow will be defending her Enfusion Live championship against Canada’s Ashley Nichols at Enfusion Live 51 on July 8, 2017 and Hodge will be fighting Jake Purdy at, Muay Thai Grand Prix 9 on, July 15 in a much anticipated battle for, the MTGP world middleweight title.

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1:46 Do British fighters get the recognition they deserve in Muay Thai and Kickboxing?
4:58 Why Muay Thai isn’t “as big a global business” as Kickboxing.
9:56 Why “some Thaiboxers do struggle” with Kickboxing /K1 rules.
10:53 The UK’s love affair with Muay Thai and Thailand.
14:49 The hardship of fighting professionally, working full-time and having a family!
20:44 Iman Barlow’s 6 weeks fight camp for Ashley Nichols, Enfusion Live 51.
22:11 Why Ben Hodge had some time off since fighting Jordan Watson at Yokkao 20.
23:34 How Ben Hodge manages to train up-to six hours a day whilst working during fight camp.
31:36 Ashley NIchols, the multi-disciplined fighter.
34:36 Jake Purdy and UK Muay Thai rankings.
44:59 Respect in Muay Thai?

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