Andy Souwer accuses GLORY Kickboxing of protecting their champions and not on ‘level’ with K-1

K-1 legend, Andy Souwer pulled no punches in strongly criticising GLORY Kickboxing this week when guesting on the Fightbox Podcast, accusing the world’s leading kickboxing promotion of protecting their champions and for their difference in quality compared to the ‘Golden era’ of the sport.

“If we are honest to each other, we know they’re not a certain level in terms of K-1, you know they pretend they are the best; if you look to their fighters, to the fighters theirselves, how the judges are acting; not to talk good about myself or K-1 because I had some fights I was lucky too, you know. I had some fights where I’m thinking out there we’re lucky you know but if you look to the fights to their champions, how they protect their champions, it’s too obvious that they only want to have their own champions to be safe in the organisation.”

“I think they have to invite the best fighters in the world and don’t need to protect their champions, you know. If you look to many fights sometimes, urrrmgh, it’s not the best level or, looking to the championship fight I think nah, sometimes pretty protected, you understand?”

However, Souwer didn’t leave it there with his criticism of GLORY. Speaking to host, Daniel Austin aka. Don Roid, the former It’s Showtime and two-time K-1 Max champion explained why he never fought for GLORY: firstly, there being too many Dutch fighters at the time he and GLORY were in contact and secondly, the financial side of business.

Souwer isn’t the first to allege (or imply) that GLORY won’t pay what he feels he’s worth in the current market. Both Tyrone Spong who, is proactively pursuing a career in professional boxing, and former light-heavyweight champion, Gökhan Saki who, recently joined the UFC, have openly complained about how much they have been reportedly paid or offered by GLORY in the past.

At 32 years of age and having made the transition to MMA after an illustrious kickboxing career, it would seem that Souwer has hammered the final nails in the coffin (so to speak) of any possible return to kickboxing via GLORY.

However, stranger things have happened in the world of fighting and if one thing is for certain, the everlasting popularity of, ‘The Destroyer’, would send a wave of ecstasy amongst kickboxing fans worldwide if somehow, GLORY and Souwer, could put their differences aside and come together.

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Photo credit: Image via Kickboxingplanet. Photo by: Ben Pointer/World Fighting League

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