GLORY 41 Den Bosch: Extended Highlights Video and Results

GLORY 41 took place in Den Bosch on May 20, 2017 in an eventful night of elite kickboxing stacked with two fight cards; a 4-man heavyweight tournament; a disqualification; multiple knockdowns and another close (or controversial some might argue) decision involving, Robin van Roosmalen who, reclaimed his GLORY featherweight title against another Thai in, Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao; and Rico Verhoeven was taken the distance by former Enfusion Live champion, Ismael Lazaar.

GLORY 41 – Extended Highlights Video:

Video credit: Footage courtesy of Glory Sports International

GLORY 41 SuperFight Series – Results:

Rico Verhoeven def. Ismael Lazaar via unanimous decision (UD)

*Robin van Roosmalen def. Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao by majority decision – New featherweight champion

Murthel Groenhart def. Alan Scheinson by split decision

Mourad Bouzidi def. Michael Duut via Rd2 disqualification

Tyjani Beztati def. Youssef Assouik via UD

Zakaria Zouggary def. Yetkin Ozkul via UD

GLORY 41 Den Bosch – Results:

Hesdy Gerges def. Tomáš Hron via UD

Chenglong Zhang def. Wilson Sanches-Mendes via UD

4-man Heavyweight Tournament:

D’Angelo Marshall def. Anderson Silva via UD – Final

Marshall def. Mohamed Abdullah by Rd2 TKO – Semi-final

Anderson Silva def. Giannis Stoforidis by Rd2 TKO – Semi-Final

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Photo credit: James Law/Glory Sport International


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