‘Remembering Ramon’ | Warrior Collective tribute to Ramon Dekkers

Ramon Dekkers will always be remembered as one of the (if not) greatest of all time fighters from the Netherlands and undoubtedly the greatest ‘Muay Farang’ who, took on anyone and everyone in Thailand and beat them up, good and proper.

Lumpinee champions were no longer unbeatable once they crossed paths with the “Turbine from Hell” and the rest as they say, is history. Real Muay Thai and kickboxing history that greatly influenced the sport, (both rule sets i.e.  K1 and Thai rules) to evolve in the manner that it has, in this day and age of combat sports.

“The Diamond” will always inspire future generations of aspiring fighters for his awesome achievements and for being an absolute legend of the sport. Sadly, Ramon is no longer with us and passed away on February 23, 2013. Dekker’s was only 43 years of age at the time of his passing which, was a huge loss for his family, friends and the world of martial arts.

Stuart Tomlinsonfounder of the Warrior Collective (will guest on The K1Anoop Show on May 1, 2017), produced this beautiful tribute, ‘Remembering Ramon’, with Dekker’s step-father and legendary coach, Cor Hemmers and younger brother, Nick Hemmers; sharing their real life stories and memories of the legend, Ramon Dekkers.

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Photo credit: Image via Warrior Collective on YouTube: ‘Remebering Ramon’

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