Joe Kellaway | The K1Anoop Show | Episode 109

Joe Kellaway is a 20 year old British Karateka who, recently won the “the richest prize in karate” at, the 10K Karate Clash on April 16, 2017 in London.

Kellaway won the prestigious 32-man tournament under World Karate Federation (WKF) rules and defeated the tournament favourite, Jordan Thomas, in the final; Thomas is Britain’s first Karate world champion for a decade and the 10K Karate Clash returned after it’s last event 10 years ago too.

Kellaway had been awarded with a bronze medal at the 2017 Junior European Karate championships, prior-to winning the 10K Karate Clash and will be competing again at two different events in the coming weeks.

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The 10K Karate Clash was organised by Fighters Inc. at The Troxy in London and was co-hosted by one of YouTube’s most popular martial artists, Master Wong.

Photo credit: Jorden Curran Photography and Plus Media.


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