Ziggy Darwish | The K1Anoop Show | Episode 104

Ziggy Darwish is an Australian of Arabic descent who, is one-half of the Instagram double-act #MuayThaiMuppets and currently resides in Dubai.

With his partner in-crime, Jason Woodham, they have grown in-popularity for their Instagram posts of, comprehensive and concise instructions of how to practice properly, Muay Thai and kickboxing techniques and skills.

Ziggy comes from a kickboxing background and then became more involved in Muay Thai growing up and fighting in Queensland, Australia. Darwish is of the same generation of Australian martial artists and fighters such as John Wayne Parr; both Aussies were actually on the same domestic circuit in their younger years.

However, Ziggy would join the Australian Royal Navy for six years before eventually moving into a career as a qualified master personal trainer, film writer, director and author.

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Photo credit: Image via Ziggy Darwish on Facebook


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