Jason Woodham | The K1Anoop Show | Episode 100

Jason Woodham is a retired Thai boxer and multiple Muay Thai champion from the UK who, now coaches out of TK MMA in Dubai, and guests on the 100th episode of #TheK1AnoopShow.

Jason and his partner-in-crime, Ziggy Darwish, co-host The Muay Thai Muppets podcast and are a pair of Muay Thai Instagramers #muaythaimuppets renown for their humorous yet comprehensive and concise tutorial videos that they post on a daily basis – displaying how to execute a wide-variety of kickboxing and Muay Thai skills and techniques.

Woodham has fought in various countries around the world during an action packed 13 year fight career. As well as having lived and trained in Thailand for three consecutive years (out of Lamai Muaythai Camp, Koh Samui) during his 20s before eventually emigrating to Dubai.

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Photo credit: WMC/Thai Guy Who Loves To Shoot Photo


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