Anissa Haddaoui​ | The K1Anoop Show | Episode 98

Anissa Haddaoui​ is a professional Dutch kickboxer and MMA fighter, training out of Mike’s Gym​ in Amsterdam, Netherlands. On this episode of #TheK1AnoopShow, we find out a lot more about Anissa from, her childhood, what she’s actually like away from kicking and punching; and how her fighting career is now unfolding ahead of her next fight against another big name in the world of female kickboxing, Ilona Wijmans​.

Haddaoui is the -65kg WFL – World Fighting League​ 2016 tournament champion and is due to fight Ilona Wijmans (-61kg WFL tournament champion) again at the next WFL event on, April 23, 2017.

This will be the second meeting between the two Dutch female kickboxers who, had previously fought each other in last year’s WFL 2016 tournament which, Haddaoui won. However, in the post-fight interview, Wijmans would say she fought with a broken hand – prompting Anissa​ with a pre-warning ahead of their rematch of: “Deze keer geen excuses” (‘This time no excuses’).

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Photo credit: World Fighting League


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