Ibrahim El Boustati: ‘Some of the media now looking only to GLORY’

Ibrahim El Boustati is the current 85kg and 90kg Enfusion world champion and was on the podcast after his fight against the undefeated Ulrik Bokeme (tomorrow at Enfusion Live 46) was initially announced; and didn’t hold back in expressing exactly how he felt that the media show favouritism for GLORY Kickboxing and their fighters, especially the Liverkick rankings for the middleweight division.

El Boustati (45-0) was previously ranked as a top 10 middleweight kickboxer by Liverkick but in December 2016, he was removed from the top 10 after the Verlindengate scandal involving, a Belgium body of officials who, are not recognised by Enfusion, reversing his decision victory against Filip Verlinden at Enfusion Live 41 and awarding the win to Verlinden; instead of declaring it as a no-contest. El Boustati alleges he was not provided with any reports or supporting evidence for the change in decision, a month after the fight and also alleged that Verlinden’s father was involved in some capacity.

Read more on Liverkick’s response to our request for comment.

Click here for the Enfusion Live 46 fight card and preview.

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