Niclas R. Larsen on learning to walk again and his wife’s amazing support

Niclas R. Larsen makes his return to the GLORY Kickboxing ring at GLORY 38 against Łukasz Pławecki, after a two year hiatus due to serious health issues.

The 70kg WKU world Muay Thai champion suffered a horrendous and traumatic staph infection which, initially went undiagnosed by Doctors. As a result, Larsen came incredibly close to having his leg amputated but after miraculous surgery, extensive rehabilitation and the unfading support of his wife, Metzy Jovel Ponce (mother to their two young children), Niclas made a full recovery.

“I’m very grateful that she really, really, really believes in me and without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Two years later and Larsen is on the verge of fighting for GLORY again. However, it took him three months post-surgery to walk unassisted and the struggles for both him and his family were huge. Whilst being temporarily disabled, Niclas was fully cared for by his wife who, was also providing for the family, and looking after their two children.

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Photo credit: Image via Niclas R. Larsen on Facebook

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