How to watch GLORY Kickboxing online

GLORY Kickboxing split their events into two separate fight cards on the same night. For example, GLORY 39 in Belgium on March 25, 2017 will consist of: GLORY 39 Brussels and GLORY 39 SuperFight Series but how can you watch both parts of a GLORY event online?

There are two different platforms on which, GLORY, broadcast their kickboxing events online:

You’ll be able to watch any / all GLORY SuperFight Series events via UFC Fight Pass and usually for a small monthly fee, payable via an automated payment in advance of each month (i.e. direct debit). The SuperFight Series card is the first of two parts of an overall GLORY event on the same night.

The added benefit of subscribing to UFC Fight Pass for GLORY is that you’ll be able to have access to a back-catalogue of GLORY Kickboxing fights in years gone-by that you may not be able to find on the official GLORY Kickboxing YouTube channel.

The main fight card of the night i.e. the second half of an overall GLORY event, is then available to Pay Per View (PPV) via EverSport TV.

If you go to the GLORY Kickboxing website then on the home page you’ll notice in their menu at the top of the page a tab called, “PAY-PER-VIEW”. This normally consists of links to the next couple of GLORY Kickboxing events with up-to-date details of how and where online, you can watch the main fight card for an upcoming event.


Image via GLORY Kickboxing on Facebook

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