K1ANOOP – Sean Fagan (Muay Thai Guy) + Kevin Ross

Sean Fagan (Muay Thai Guy) and Kevin Ross join Anoop Hothi on this episode of the K1ANOOP podcast.

Sean Fagan is a Muay Thai fighter and entrepenur who, set-up the Muay Thai Guy website five years ago. Muay Thai Guy is a leading podcast, website and free resource for anyone training in Muay Thai or kickboxing. Fagan who, had recently featured as a guest presenter on the World Muay Thai Summit, explains his journey and struggles in making his online buisnesses and websites successful whilst trying to establish his professional fighting career and balancing everything else in life too.

Kevin Ross is coming off a second round KO win against Alessio Arudini at BELLATOR 168: Bellator Kickboxing Florence last month in Italy and breaksdown his vicotry and the event itself. As well as sharing his thoughts for the new year ahead for both himself and all major kickboxing promotions and much more.

Fagan, Ross
Sean Fagan (Muay Thai Guy) and Kevin Ross

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