Idris Elba: Fighter – Tyrone Spong

Tyrone Spong is a professional boxer, kickboxer and mixed martial artist from the Netherlands of Surinamese descent. Spong is widely regarded as one of the greatest kickboxers of the modern era and a veteran of some of the biggest kickboxing promotions such as: K-1, It’s Showtime and GLORY Kickboxing. The “King of the Ring” had cornered Idris Elba for the British actor’s professional kickboxing debut last year which, is now being broadcasted in a three part documentary on, Discovery UK – Idris Elba: Fighter.

Kieran Keddle who, coached the British Hollywood actor, is friends with Spong and gave a good idea of what the kickboxing legend was like in the gym with Elba for the ‘Fighter’ documentary.  Tyrone last fought professionally in the kickboxing ring at GLORY 15 (in April 2014) when he sustained a terrible leg break against, Gökhan Saki. Since then Spong has gone undefeated in six pro boxing bouts but speculation still continues as to whether or not Spong may return to kickboxing – something that even Kieran Keddle shared his opinion on too.

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