Idris Elba: Fighter – Developing a kickboxer

Kieran Keddle is a former three time world Thai boxing champion and head coach of Double K Gym who, coached Hollywood actor, Idris Elba for a year leading up-to Elba’s professional kickboxing debut.

Elba was a complete novice when he first started training with Keddle. The whole experience involved both Keddle and Elba travelling around the world together to: Australia, Cuba, South Africa and Thailand, to train with K-1 legends, Masato and Tyrone Spong and former IBF world heavyweight champion, Francois Botha.

The British actor’s entire preparation and professional kickboxing debut was filmed and broadcasted as the Idris Elba: Fighter documentary by the UK Discovery Channel under the guidance of, Kieran Keddle.

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Photo credit (Featured Image): Discovery Communications/Morgan White

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