KIERAN KEDDLE | Idris Elba: Fighter


Photo by Morgan White via Morgan White Photography

Idris Elba‘s kickboxing coach Kieran Keddle is the main guest on this episode of the podcas. As well as Double K Gym fighters: Evan Jays, Luke Whelan and Jamie Whelan talking about their upcoming fights and the year ahead for them now that the new Double K Gym in Bromley, UK has opened.

Also, Keddle spoke indepth about some of the interesting back-stories about the ‘Idris Elba: Fighter‘ documentary which, shows the Hollywood actor’s year long journey to making his professional kickboxing journey; and the feedback since broadcasting the first episode earlier in the week. Plus, some intersting stuff about the following episodes and much more on the greater impact that the documentary and experience has had on Keddle and world kickboxing and what may or may not happen next with Elba and Keddle.

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