Twice a week podcasts in January to kick-start 2017


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What exactly is happening with the K1Anoop podcast in 2017?

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot since September 2015 when I did my first ever podcast episode. In that very first one, I interviewed Peter Fury, prior to Tyson Fury (who had Rico Verhoeven and Benjamin Adegbuyi as sparring partners in his fight camp) defeating Wladimir Klitschko and making short-lived but significant sporting history.

At first there were simply video podcasts hosted via Kickboxingplanet on YouTube which, transferred over to my personal YouTube, before eventually finding its way to the K1Anoop YouTube channel.

Previously, the frequency of podcast episodes had been irregular; and for those of you that’ve been following the show, I realised that not everyone has 30-60mins (or more) to watch a YouTube video in one sitting, or, easily resume from where they’d previously left off watching before. So, I have finally set-up a podcasting host via Podbean and have started uploading audio MP3 versions of every new episode now.

How, when and where can you access every new podcast episode?

  • There will be two podcast episodes a week in January
  • They will be available to download and listen via Podbean
  • Can still be watched (in-full) via YouTube
  • Published on every Thursday and Sunday evening from, 2000 hours (UK time)

Obviously if you follow K1Anoop on social media, you’ll be updated on a daily basis about forthcoming podcasts. As well as the latest in the world of kickboxing and Muay Thai too.

However, if you have Twitter and Instagram then head over there and give us a quick follow because those two are where I update most often about the podcasts but also engage and talk about anything and everything including kickboxing, fighting and much more.

Thank you for all of your ongoing support which, is and will always be very much appreciated, for the work I do in supporting the sport.

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