Enfusion Live 44: Andrew Tate vs. Ibrahim El Boustati preview

World kickboxing has crazy momentum right now like never before and Enfusion kick off a mammoth of a month with Enfusion Live 44 in The Hague on December 3, headlined by, Andrew Tate vs. Ibrahim El Boustati.

A contrast in fighting styles is the most obvious difference between both men, Tate being a “very unorthodox” distance fighter whereas, El Boustati is more in the mould of an aggressive pressure fighter.

Another factor to take into consideration are the age and life experiences of both men in comparison to one another. “The Beast” is in his early 20s, undefeated after 44 fights and the current 85kg Enfusion champion, coached by his older brother, Hafid El Boustati. Training and fighting is his life, its as simple as that. He is totally focused and very determined about becoming a two weight champion.

However, Tate had his 30th birthday yesterday. One of the main reasons for him being semi-dormant in the last couple of years, was to pursue other interests away form kickboxing and greater financial rewards from business.

He seems to be doing very well for himself with an enhanced standard of living (including a brand new Aston Martin this week) compared to when he was growing up rough in Luton as a youngster. As well as becoming a celebrity in the UK for being a controversial contestant in Big Brother UK (BBUK) which, saw him removed from the Big Brother House, due to him being at the centre of a  scandal outside of BBUK, allegedly.

Andrew Tate does not need kickboxing but the sport certainly needs characters like him who, encompass both showmanship and skill as he does, and in abundance too. So why return to kickboxing if he has a very comfortable lifestyle? Tate loves kickboxing and he is a world class fighter.

‘Once a kickboxer, always a kickboxer.’

So, how does this benefit Tate instead of El Boustati whilst the latter has been on a storm, beating anyone and everyone whilst Tate hasn’t been actively fighting? Andrew is fighting because he wants to, not because he needs to or just for the sake of being a professional kickboxer. He knows what he wants and he wants to keep his belt. As well as being the first man to defeat El Boustati.

What can we expect from both fighters on, December 3 in The Hague when the bell goes for round one? Fireworks, seriously. El Boustati will be like a non-stop predator, violently hunting for Tate (and his title belt) in the ring. Tate has the technical skill to fight very well even on the back foot and has been training if not fighting over the last two years too; both have deadly knockout power too and the highlight reels to prove it.

Prediction? Expect a major collision of their own on Saturday, December 3 in The Hague. This match-up has all the ingredients to be one of the most exciting fights of December and yes, that’s including, Rico vs Badr in the wider equation too.

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