MOHAMED MEZOUARI | Kunlun Fight 56: Kunlun World Max – Preview

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Mohamed Mezouari (also known as “Hamicha Moojte”) is a Dutch based kickboxer of Moroccan descent who, will be fighting against Dzianis Zuev, in a reserve bout for the 70kg Kunlun World Max at Kunlun Fight 56 on, January 1, 2017. K1Anoop previews the Kunlun World Max featuring: Davit Kiria vs. Jomthong Chuwattana and Superbon Banchamek vs. Cedric Manhoef; headlined by, Muay Thai and K-1 legend, Buakaw Banchamek vs. Tian Xin. As well as interviewing Mezouari before the young kickboxing sensation flew out to Sanya, China.

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John Wayne Parr: Bellator Kickboxing, Caged Muay Thai and the new ‘Golden era’

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JWP, Image via Muay Thai Grand Prix

John Wayne Parr (JWP) is a multiple Muay Thai champion and former K-1 veteran who, has recently signed with Bellator Kickboxing and is coming off a decision win against, Matthew Richardson at Caged Muay Thai 9 (CMT 9). JWP looks ahead at 2017 and talks about a couple of super fights he would like to have with Giorgio Petrosyan and Nieky Holzken before he retires and confirms that he’ll be fighting at 70kg for Bellator. As well as his opinions on what upcoming fighters should be focused on first and foremost before establishing their mainstream media profile and much more in the world of kickboxing and Muay Thai.

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Lyndon Knowles: Muay Thai Grand Prix 7 and 2016 year end review

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Lyndon Knowles is a British Muay Thai fighter and kickboxer who, will be fighting Darren Anstey, at Muay Thai Grand Prix 7 (MTGP 7) on April 1, 2017 at the O2 Indigo, London. This matchup had been fuelled by a previous interview “Knowlesy” had done with us earlier in the year, asking for someone to fight him under full Thai rules (at 95kg though and alleging many were ‘pricing themselves out of a fight’ with him). However, Anstey has very recently agreed to fight him at MTGP 7.

Also, on this episode of the podcast, we carry out our own, 2016 year end review with Knowles on all of the big talking points in kickboxing and Muay Thai (from a western world perspective) and much more.

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Fabio Pinca recaps his GLORY 36/Collision victory over Mosab Amrani

Fabio Pinca recaps his victory over Mosab Amrani (in their rematch) at GLORY 36. The event itself was one of three overall fight cards for, GLORY Collision: Rico vs Badr on December 10, 2016 in Oberhausen, Germany which, we review; and Pinca’s opinion on how a rematch between Verhoeven and Hari would unfold.

Also, Pinca has some interesting thoughts on a couple of old foes in Giorgio Petrosyan and Saenchai and what he’s focused on most in 2017 which, commences with his next fight on February 23, 2017 against, Manowan Sitsongpeenong in a 67kg title fight at the Sanam Muay Rajadamnern (Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium) in Thailand. As well as plenty of more in the world of kickboxing and Muay Thai too.

Shay Walsh: Fall out from Bellator 169 debut being cancelled and life in Thailand

Shay Walsh (14-4) is a former BAMMA bantamweight champion who, was due to make his Bellator MMA debut at BELLATOR 169 tonight against, Luiz Tosta (9-2-1). However, three days ago Tosta pulled out of their fight with a reported shoulder injury leaving Walsh without an opponent, or, enough time for Bellator to find a last minute replacement. What was supposed to be a dream come true for Walsh and his family, has unfortunately turned into severe disappointment, making the former BAMMA champion even question his long term fighting future in MMA.


Shay Walsh, YouTube: K1ANOOP

Walsh trains out of Tiger Muay Thai (TMT) in Phuket, Thailand since winning a scholarship on the TMT try outs in 2014. He talks in-depth about this and the unexpected changes in his lifestyle and career since becoming a new father; especially with his family based in England and travelling to and from both countries in preparation for his now cancelled fight. As well as what’s its like training and living Thailand as a professional fighter and much more.

Andrew Lofthouse: MMA debut at BAMMA 27, BELLATOR 169 and Muay Thai

Andrew Lofthouse is a British Muay Thai fighter who, will be making his MMA pro debut against, Ian Cleary at BAMMA 27 in the 3Arena, Dublin on December 16, 2016. Cleary has the home advantage being Irish and trains out of SBG Charlestown as well as having a MMA record of 3-3. The event is co-promoted in Ireland with BELLATOR 169 which, is headlined by, Muhammed Lawal vs Satoshi Ishi.

Chad Sugden: Pro boxing, GLORY, K-1, Groenhart, Holzken and his next fight vs. Alistair Warren

Chad Sugden is a former GLORY Kickboxing welterweight contender who, has successfully made the transition to pro boxing since defeating K-1 Max winner, Murthel Groenhart at GLORY 25 in August, 2015 (but didn’t get to fight then GLORY champion, Nieky Holzken which, he talks about too).

“2Slick” is currently undefeated from his four pro boxing bouts and will have his fifth on December 15 against, Alistair Warren, at the Derby County football stadium in a six round fight at super-middleweight.

Sugden has a wealth of kickboxing and fighting experiences with an approximate fight record of +150 fights including, various world titles such as the 72.5kg ISKA Oriental Rules world championship. As well as fighting for GLORY, Chad had also fought for K-1. However, his long term vision is focused on making it in boxing and aiming for potential future bouts with the likes of Jame DeGale and Callum Smith.


Benjamin Adegbuyi – GLORY Collision: Rico vs. Badr review and Gökhan Saki beef

Benjamin Adegbuyi is the number one heavyweight contender in GLORY Kickboxing and in recent months, started training with Rico Verhoeven at Superpro Sportcenter in the Netherlands. Adegbuyi reviews GLORY Collision: Rico vs Badr, with K1Anoop. As well as his reaction to Gökhan Saki calling out Verhoeven for a rematch via Twitter, soon after Rico defeated Badr Hari by TKO (broken arm) and much more on, the historic GLORY Collision event hosted in Oberhausen, Germany on December 10, 2016.



Bellator Kickboxing, Florence: Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Jordan Watson – Preview and podcast

Jordan Watson will travel to Italy to take on Giorgio Petrosyan on December 10, in what will be the Bellator Kickboxing debuts for both fighters at, the Mandela Forum in Florence. Also, featuring on Bellator Kickboxing Florence at Bellator 168 will be: Kevin Ross, Joe Schilling, Denise Kielholtz and Karim Ghajji; in what is a deliberate attempt by Bellator, to engage in a TV audience battle with, GLORY Collision: Rico vs Badr on the same date too.

“The Doctor” has been on a six fight win streak since being shockingly knocked out by Andy Ristie at GLORY 12 in November 2013 including, a year off in 2014 to recover from reported hand surgery due to past injuries. The Armenian-Italian is widely considered to be the world’s number one, pond-for-pound, kicboxer and the best defensive fighter too, under both K1 and Thai rules.

“Quadzilla”is recently coming off a decision win against Ben Hodge at Yokkao 20 and is on a winning streak of five fights since his TKO defeat to, Sanny Dhalbeck at Yokkao 12 but gained revenge at Yokkao 18 to reclaim his 70kg Yokkao championship too.

However, due to the extensive list of honours that Petrosyan has accumulated over the last 12 years including, winning the K-1 World Max Tournament (on two separate occasions) and the GLORY 70kg Slam Tournament, Watson isn’t considered to be the favourite against Petrosyan.

K1Anoop and Andreas Georgiou preview, Petrosyan vs Watson in a mammoth of a month and year end for world kickboxing since the “Golden era” of the sport.

Enfusion Live 44: Andrew Tate vs. Ibrahim El Boustati preview

World kickboxing has crazy momentum right now like never before and Enfusion kick off a mammoth of a month with Enfusion Live 44 in The Hague on December 3, headlined by, Andrew Tate vs. Ibrahim El Boustati.

A contrast in fighting styles is the most obvious difference between both men, Tate being a “very unorthodox” distance fighter whereas, El Boustati is more in the mould of an aggressive pressure fighter.

Another factor to take into consideration are the age and life experiences of both men in comparison to one another. “The Beast” is in his early 20s, undefeated after 44 fights and the current 85kg Enfusion champion, coached by his older brother, Hafid El Boustati. Training and fighting is his life, its as simple as that. He is totally focused and very determined about becoming a two weight champion.

However, Tate had his 30th birthday yesterday. One of the main reasons for him being semi-dormant in the last couple of years, was to pursue other interests away form kickboxing and greater financial rewards from business.

He seems to be doing very well for himself with an enhanced standard of living (including a brand new Aston Martin this week) compared to when he was growing up rough in Luton as a youngster. As well as becoming a celebrity in the UK for being a controversial contestant in Big Brother UK (BBUK) which, saw him removed from the Big Brother House, due to him being at the centre of a  scandal outside of BBUK, allegedly.

Andrew Tate does not need kickboxing but the sport certainly needs characters like him who, encompass both showmanship and skill as he does, and in abundance too. So why return to kickboxing if he has a very comfortable lifestyle? Tate loves kickboxing and he is a world class fighter.

‘Once a kickboxer, always a kickboxer.’

So, how does this benefit Tate instead of El Boustati whilst the latter has been on a storm, beating anyone and everyone whilst Tate hasn’t been actively fighting? Andrew is fighting because he wants to, not because he needs to or just for the sake of being a professional kickboxer. He knows what he wants and he wants to keep his belt. As well as being the first man to defeat El Boustati.

What can we expect from both fighters on, December 3 in The Hague when the bell goes for round one? Fireworks, seriously. El Boustati will be like a non-stop predator, violently hunting for Tate (and his title belt) in the ring. Tate has the technical skill to fight very well even on the back foot and has been training if not fighting over the last two years too; both have deadly knockout power too and the highlight reels to prove it.

Prediction? Expect a major collision of their own on Saturday, December 3 in The Hague. This match-up has all the ingredients to be one of the most exciting fights of December and yes, that’s including, Rico vs Badr in the wider equation too.