‘Marc de Bonte was a credit to how his parents raised him’

World kickboxing mourns the tragic loss of former GLORY welterweight champion, Marc de Bonte whose death was confirmed earlier this week, following reports of his body being discovered after he’d been reported as missing three weeks prior. Sadly, not long before Marc was reported as missing, part one of what would be his last ever interview was published via MMA Plus.

Enfusion Live had recently signed Marc de Bonte on a multiple fight contract and he was set to make his Enfusion debut against, the current 85kg Enfusion champion, Ibrahim El Boustati in February, 2017.

Marc de Bonte had recently returned to kickboxing after a two year hiatus from the sport; he’d been pursuing a career in pro boxing in Germany. However, after parting ways with his then management (due to circumstances beyond his control), Marc had made a winning return to kickboxing in September, with an impressive KO of Artur Gorlov at, Kunlun Fight 51 in China.

Unfortunately, Marc is no longer with us and my deepest condolenences go out to: his parents, Marc’s partner, all of his family and friends and everyone else who knew Marc too. He was a wonderful guy full of positive vibes who, still had loads more to achieve as a world class combat athlete, and in life but is sadly no longer with us.

Rest in peace Marc de Bonte.

You will always be remembered as a kickboxing legend, however, you were a champion of a man in more ways than one.


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