Jamie Bates reflects on Respect London, fighters abusing PEDs and his uncertain future

Jamie Bates is a UK kickboxing veteran who, has been involved in the sport competitively since he was a child. At only 27 years of age (with an unofficial record of +100 fights), he has fought for top kickboxng promotions such as: the Tafnet Cup and ACB KB. Bates candidly opens up about his mistakes leading up-to his last fight against Ciprian Șchiopu at Respect World Series, London. As well as alleging that he hasn’t been paid (at the time of the interview) for fighting Schiopu which, resulted in him needing over 40 stitches in his head.

“I needed to fight for my own sanity. I also have bills to pay. My car was broke, I needed to fix that. I have a four year old daughter who wants to do things. I haven’t been paid for the fight yet like.”

Unfortunately, these allegations of non-payment were again repeated very recently as reported by MMA Plus, along with new allegations of non-payment by:  Arnold Oborotov, Kaz Mwamba, Domink Matusz and Daniel Sam – all having fought at the same Respect London event on July 2, 2016. Respect are still to formally respond to MMA Plus who, did contact them about the allegations, before publishing them.

Interestingly, Bates works as a falconer as well as being a professional kickboxer and coach. He also has a degree in Sports Science and is very informed about various training, dieting and sports performance aspects; and shares his knowledge including, his opinions on the benefits of alkaline diets in preventing cancers.

However, Jamie Bates wasn’t afraid to discuss the wider problems of fighters allegedly using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), and or, steroids to enhance their training and physical abilities in the ring. As well as the consequences that this can have on one’s long term health and well being.

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